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TED Talks – Bravo Fleet Edition


TED Talks are a series of informative lectures delivered by a large variety of business leaders, celebrities, poltiicans, and others, that cover a wide variety of topics. Now, we’re bringing that world into Bravo Fleet. The objective of this event is to come up with a topic on which your character would deliver a TED Talk on. It can be serious, humorous, or some combination of the two and cover any topic relevant to BF and/or the Star Trek galaxy at large. You are to come up with the following:

  • The title of your talk
  • A 50-150 word abstract of the content of the talk
  • Please indicate the character involved

Please submit your submission via the submission box or as a document.


  • Submissions will be graded on creativity, grammar, and how interesting the talk would be.


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Ryoko Takato 2545 2022-11-24 23:44:45

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