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Meet Me At DQ: A Bravo Fleet Star Trek Online Competition


The story in Bravo Fleet about “Blood Dilithium” takes place in the Delta Quadrant, which if you know your Star Trek Online lore has its own backstory about, steeped in blood, genocide, and some Ferengi named Qwen. It starts much later – 2409 compared to Bravo Fleet’s 2400 – but basically goes through several key Star Trek Voyager episodes and characters, all culminating in a giant reveal that Star Trek Online had been building to for years. There was Species 8472, Voth, Vaadwaur, Hierarchy, Kazon, Kobali, Ocampans, Talaxians, Benthans and of course the Borg, though in ways we were not used to seeing them.

Well, strap on your Proton Packs, boys and girls, it’s time to go Delta!



  • This is a standard race to complete - the one that has the most points at the end of the competition wins - and any platform is accepted, any character faction can be used
  • In order to qualify for this competition, you must submit one entry into this competition via the Enter Competition button above, showing a screenshot of the accolade "The Delta Quadrant" from your mission journal under the filter Story Accolades - you get five points for having this accolade, but you still qualify for the competition if you do not have this accolade yet
  • Completing Delta Quadrant patrols and submitting each one for a screenshot up to the maximum limit for action ribbons per day via the Gaming Submissions form within the BFMS
  • A points multiplier is in effect during this competition: you may earn 1.25x the points by submitting at least one of every Delta Quadrant patrol while the competition is active (rounded up)


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