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The Devore Minefield


The Devore has been claiming territories in the name of the Imperium, hoping to increase their supplies of blood dilithium crystals. Recently they have been seen mining an M-Class planet with a pre-warp civilization. To ensure their success, The Devore have laid out an immense minefield in orbit of the planet, the size of which would give any seasoned Captain reason to pause. However, Starfleet’s orders are very clear on the matter.

As a Commanding Officer, you’ve been ordered to navigate the minefield and stop The Devore’s operations, whatever the cost. This will be no easy task, and only the strongest Commanding Officers will succeed. Set course for the minefield Captain, and may you find success!

Link to the Minefield


  • To win, enter a screenshot showing your highest points earned.
  • In the event of a tiebreaker, winners will be determined by number of mines remaining.


User ID Date Entry
Vausees Vax 2184 2022-11-07 18:26:27
Brodie Lewis 2208 2022-11-07 15:34:50
Andreus Kohl 2374 2022-11-06 12:06:39
Gregorian Gregory Rook 2543 2022-11-06 02:31:26
Cynndle Oin'sun 2457 2022-11-04 14:53:54
Th'lora Vehl 2240 2022-11-02 10:08:51

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