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Throughout the history of Starfleet and the Federation, the galaxy has been shocked by news of war, death, and political upheaval. While the shows, movies, and written materials have given us glimpses of these, the everyday citizens and non-hero Starfleet members don’t get to witness them first-hand. For this competition, your character is going about their business when a major canon event happens. Examples of major events include: the death of James Kirk, the Breen attack on Earth in the Dominion War, and the return of the USS Voyager.


  • Flash writing of no more than 500 words
  • Must use one of your personal characters, but it does not have to be your primary one
  • Your character CAN NOT be part of the event
  • Your character's knowledge of the event can be gathered through various means, not just the Federation News Network.
  • Submissions will be judged on creativity, including the event, the character's interaction with their surroundings, and the reactions involved in the writing.
  • Submissions should be written as a BFMS story. To enter, paste a link to your story in the competition submission box.


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