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STO SHIP SCREENSHOT SHOWCASE – Klingon and Romulan Edition


This competition seems a little redundant, but this is for the other guys specifically. The ones who let honor dictate their actions, with blades ready to strike in combat and bloodwine afterwards to toast to your victory. This is for those that have been trained in stealth and subterfuge, but are trying to be better than the Empire that came before.

Star Trek Online gives you many areas for you to take pictures of your ships and the ability to have some creativity in the pictures.

For the first time ever the Gaming Office is going to test your creativity to see which ship will rise above the rest. You have the ability to use any of STO’s features to help you.

Let’s see just how beautiful our STO Fleet ships are!


  • Must submit a screenshot of your ship.
  • No picture can be edited after the screenshot is taken. If this happens immediate disqualification will occur.
  • Only Klingon or Romulan ships are allowed.
  • No vanity shields are permitted.
  • Ships will be judged on originality of pose and creativity of background used.


User ID Date Entry
Edward Valois 1318 2021-11-21 23:35:57
Liam Dahlgren 669 2021-11-21 18:51:54

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