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STO Lohlunat Festival 2021 – Waveriders


Blessed Lohlunat!

It’s that time of the year again to celebrate the Lohlunat Festival on Risa. Star Trek Online’s Summer Event, the Lohlunat Festival is an annual tradition of sun, sand and fun. Various tasks to perform to get yourself a type of currency called Lohlunat tokens, which can be used to purchase various items from vendors all over the social zone. Special outfits, kit frames and modules, a type of jetpack called a floater, and hoverboards are all available to trade in during this time… and participation can also award you a free T6 ship. To encourage participation and togetherness, Bravo Fleet has some competitions to enhance the experience.

In the Waveriders competition, we would like to know how your character would adapt if it were you role-playing the character. In 300 words or less, write out the completion of this scene:

Ever since arriving on Risa, there has been several people talking up the hoverboards: tourists could be overheard talking about how fun it is, the check-in clerk mentioning it with a smile, the concierge talking about the races and pointing out one that just happened to be going by at the time. It had been a couple of days into the trip, but you had decided to try it out.

Entering the Promenade shop for the first time, a strange hum catches your ear as you see the display hoverboard, the distinctive sound of the antigravity unit holding it aloft over the fountain strategically placed to show a high end model. What walls that weren’t open to let the sea breeze in were lined with different models of hoverboards, looking very intimidating.

“Blessed lohlunat!” the vendor calls out, spotting you from the desk. “Welcome to my shop. There are many boards to choose from; which do you want to try?” You explain your situation and skill level, which the vendor nods sagely about. After hearing everything, he nods then gestures to a particular board on the wall. “This is the best board for beginners; it does not go very fast but has extra stabilizers to help guide you through your first time. Would you like to rent it for an hour to see if you enjoy the experience?”

After agreeing on a price in Federation credits, the vendor sets it down in the water just outside and gestures for you to get on.


  • Write the end of the story above using your character and point of view. Be as creative as you want, but keep the entry to 300 words or less.
  • This writing competition is open to any Bravo Fleet member, not necessarily required to be a member of the Bravo Fleet STO group.
  • Judging will be based on content, creativity, and originality.


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