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Villain Showcase


Villains show up in every aspect of Star Trek from Khan to the Borg Queen. Each one of these enemies has added a dynamic to Star Trek as a whole. We focus on making characters that are the good guys. I want to flip things around with the competition.

The challenge is to write the biography of a villain from the moment they became a villain to their current status or their ultimate demise. This challenge is to see how creative you can be in creating a villain and to make them stand apart from any other entry that is submitted.

The story you create will be as creative as you want to make it. There are no certain guidelines except any villain that is already in Star Trek’s Universe cannot be used for the premise of the character.


  • Submissions can be no less than 500 Words.
  • Submissions will be judged on the amount of creativity and original thought for the creation of the villain.


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