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Delta Quadrant IDIC Week: Jigsaw Puzzle


This ship belongs to one of the first races encountered by Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. Can you piece together the puzzle to identify it?

Check out the jigsaw puzzle here, and submit your time to enter the competition!


  • Submit a screenshot of your entry through the competition submissions form. Please write your time in the submission box as well.
  • Entries without a screenshot will not be graded.
  • Entries will be judged based on shortest time to complete, followed by time of submission to break ties.
  • Entries must use the original 252 piece settings on the puzzle.


User ID Date Entry
Struan MacLeod 2197 2020-12-04 23:06:06
2166 2020-12-02 17:13:56
Vausees Vax 2184 2020-12-02 07:54:31

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