Elevator Pitch

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Charles Scotto

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Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff

Imagine, you find yourself in an elevator at your local Star Trek Convention. You have a captive audience! You want them to know about this great place where you spend a lot of online time – Bravo Fleet! What would you say?

Write your best “elevator pitch” about Bravo Fleet. In a paragraph or so, write your take on what Bravo Fleet is. Be sure to include all aspects of our fleet: Writing & Roleplaying, Competitions, and Gaming.

The winning submission may be used in recruitment ads, social media posts, and/or on our website.

Note: Submissions may also be modified for future use by the BF Comms Office in the execution of its duties.


  • No longer than 250 words.
  • Must mention all three aspects of our Fleet in some way.
  • The word "community" must be used in the pitch.