TF9’s Ferengi Week: Gree-Worm Farming

Lead Judge
Michael Lancaster

Start Date
18 October 2020

End Date
25 October 2020


Before participating in a competition, please read and understand our competitions policy. Please do not share your results or submit multiple entries. Violations of these rules are punisble by the Magistrate Office.


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Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff

Ferengi Week: Gree-Worm Farming

“New customers are like razor-toothed gree-worms. They can be succulent, but sometimes they bite back.” – 203rd Rule of Acquisition

Farm the biggest worm to earn the most latinum when you take ‘er to market! Eat your competitors! In this game of unfettered capitalism, grow as big as you can without being eaten yourself.

Click here to start the worm game.


  • Participants should upload a screenshot of their final score.
  • Entries will be judge first on score, and then in order of submission to break ties.