The Raptor’s Wings: [Week 1] Romulan Mythology

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Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff

Romulan mythology is ancient and complex. Help Starfleet compile its database for Romulan mythology by completing one of the following prompts:

* Write an enduring myth about the Romulans leaving Vulcan and finding a new homeworld. What did they encounter on the way?
* Create a concept of a Romulan “demon” of temptation, something that encouraged the antithesis of proper Romulan behavior.
* Write a story/myth that explains the Romulan cultural facet of “entering through the back door”.


  • Entries should be under 1,000 words and will be judged based on creativity, spelling and grammar, and adherence to the prompt.
  • All entries should be submitted through the Enter Competition form.
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