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Tour the Galaxy – Federation Starbases


It’s not every day that a petty officer appears at your door holding a PADD locked in secure carry case. Reportedly found in one of the many cafes aboard Starbase Bravo it holds all the hallmarks of our favourite intern, namely that it’s a list of places with terrible summaries. It seems our intern is planning a tour of the Federation’s Starbases, it also seems you’ve become responsible for everything to do with them.

Starfleet Security is keeping an eye on the intern but they’ve seemingly disappeared, the clue may be in their itinerary to tour the Federations most famous Starbases.

Hint – All these Starbases appear on the interactive Bravo Fleet Map

Find the quiz here.


  • Submissions should be a screenshot, clearly showing the number of correct answers and any time remaining.
  • Participants shouldn’t change any settings including the timer. The timer is already set at 10 minutes and will start once you click 'Begin quiz'.
  • Winners will be determined firstly through the quiz score. This will be as listed in the screenshot.
  • Ties will be broken by the time remaining as indicated by the submission (greatest time remaining wins).


User ID Date Entry
Callen Varro 2063 2024-05-26 17:13:09
Elena Mitchell 2266 2024-05-26 05:14:45
Mamof 2848 2024-05-26 03:23:39
Ginsh 2842 2024-05-25 19:55:12
Nitus 2659 2024-05-20 22:55:30
Keziah Nazir 18 2024-05-20 00:22:01
Edward O'Gallagher 2688 2024-05-19 23:40:52
Ryoko Takato 2545 2024-05-17 08:31:06

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