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[TSOTTC] The Aesthetics of Things to Come


The developments gripping the Alpha and Beta Quadrant are complex. Allies have become foes, while old foes have become something more complicated. Sometimes we can capture these stories in words; sometimes words are inadequate. Mood boards are a great way to explore stories and ideas visually. They can capture atmosphere, mood, and tone without needing to describe it. They’re collages of different images that tell a tale and paint a picture.

Create a mood board to explore a story related to The Shape of Things to Come. This could be a story you’ve written, a story you haven’t yet written, one of the Intelligence Office releases, or about a theme or idea in the general lore developments (for eg, the rebirth of the Maquis, or the Klingon invasion of the Romulan Republic). It can focus on a moment, a character, a theme, or an arc.

Pinterest is a popular site to use for creating these – just Google ‘pinterest character board’ and look at the results for some inspiration! Images can be of characters, of places, of events, of objects, and you can use your imagination to represent fictional locations. But they can also be more abstract and evocative – they can relate to the colours, elements, or feelings you associate with the topic, or even images containing snippets of relevant quotes. Let loose and dig deep into your feelings.

You do not have to use Pinterest! A great source of mood board examples can be found here ( which shows different formats, some more dynamic, some more contained.


  • Submissions must include a link to a Pinterest board OR an attached image.
  • You must include a short description of what your mood board is about. This could be as simple as a title like 'The Rebirth of the Maquis,' a link to a BFMS Story or Mission or Character, or a quick explanation (no more than two sentences) of what your mood board represents.
  • Submissions will be graded on Originality, Suitability, and Aesthetics.


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