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USS Aztec (Archive)


Having just finished its first retrofit the Rhode Island class USS Aztec rejoins the fleet. With a new crew the ship under the command of Lieutenant Eric Mathisson joins Task Force 47. The Aztec finds itself assigned as the scout and forward observer of the newly formed Dragon Squadron under the command of Captain Kr’Antren of the Task Force 47’s operations office.


Swearing is permitted, with some limitations


Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted.


Violence is permitted, with some limitations

RPG Rating 2 1 2

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
ID: 2486
Executive Officer/ Science
ID: 2486
Chief of engineering
ID: 2486
ID: 2486
Chief of science
ID: 2486

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9 July 2023

Scouts out - 1.2

USS Aztec: Scouts out

Eric exited the turbolift and had to think for a second, as this was new to him, instead of coming out on the bridge as usual on most ships this time he came out in the hallway that although short ran across the width of Deck one. “This is different.” as he looked at his PADD and got directions [...]

5 July 2023

Scouts out - 1.1

USS Aztec: Scouts out

“Captain, there is a lieutenant here that says he has a message to come see you.” Kr’Antren looked up from what he was reading on his desk console. “Show him in” As the ensign held, open the door as a saurian in a gold tunic steps into the office. “Thank you, ensign” The saurian sees [...]

5 July 2023

Scouts out - 1

USS Aztec: Scouts out

Clapping and congratulatory yelling is heard outside of the Beyond bistro & cafe on the promenade of star base 47. “Congratulations, Captain Kr’Antren.” is heard several times as a Caitian Starfleet officer in a gold tunic made his way out through the small crowd of similarly dressed [...]