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The USS Brontes operates out of Starbase 86, fulfilling its duty as a support vessel assigned to Task Group 25.

USS Brontes (Archive)


The first command for an officer who strives to advance through the ranks, the Raven-class vessel USS Brontes provides valuable support to the larger ships of Taskforce 86  which are currently assigned to patrol the Federation border along a volatile region of space known as ‘The Triangle’.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 2639

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6 March 2023

Under Pressure

USS Brontes: To Trust or not to Trust

“Unknown vessel, this is the Federation starship Brontes. You have entered Federation space. Please identify yourself.” Silence followed his request as the unidentified ship’s darkened silhouette remained front and centre on the Brontes’ viewscreen. Preliminary sensor readings confirmed [...]