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USS Orentes (Archive)


Captain’s Log, Stardate 59844.1. Initial Entry. I have been placed in command of the Raven-Class ship Orenetes. She’s a good ship, with a fine, albeit somewhat green, crew, modified for the harder mission we now face in the Delta Quadrant. Our primary goal is to explore. To map the uncharted regions for the Federation. We have also been tasked to provide assistance wherever we can, to both the locals and to other Alpha-Beta powers who are also expanding into the region. I fear this may prove to be the bulk of what we do moving forward, after the recent incident that has destabilized this portion of the galaxy. Be that as it may, I have ordered one of the general labs to be specialized in astrometrics, and have been given permission to have a larger, more powerful sensor-array installed before we leave for the Barzan Wormhole.  The design of both the lab and exterior equipment is based on upgrades done to Voyager, and is normally only available to Sovereign Class ships. I am looking forward to working with this Borg-inspired technology, and its only fitting that it will be used in the region that inspired its creation. I am not sure if its because of my service record, the area of space I will be exploring, or just dumb luck (a human expression I have grown found of) that I have been granted my requests. Likely some combination of all three. However, I received a subspace message from Admiral Janeway herself(!) – the person who approved the upgrades – that was most perplexing. She simply said, “let me know if you find any coffee”.