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USS Feuos (Archive)


The vessel: Raven class. The mandate: assist the cataloging of planetary bodies, increase the accuracy of already charted galactic sector maps, and search for potentially dilithium rich worlds. Her crew is a haphazard mix of seasoned officers ready for retirement, newly minted cadets eager for a first mission in space, and those ready to test their skills in the lowest levels of command. Their failure or success as a crew lies not in the fates, but in their willingness to work together. Time will test them, setbacks will challenge them and friendship might be the only thing which ultimately saves them all. This is the U.S.S. Feuos.

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6 October 2022

To Cease Breathing...

USS Feuos: The Helaspont Liaison

On the bridge of the USS Feuos Cadet McCloud sat next to the new tactical officer. McCloud was a senior at Starfleet Academy and was earning his deep space assignment credits by working as helmsman of the Feuos. Normally such credits were accumulated during ones sophomore year at the academy. [...]

3 October 2022

An Exchange of Science

USS Feuos: The Helaspont Liaison

Lieutenant Shrin entered one of the Raven-class’ labs with an achievement artifact.  The Andorian woman’s antennae flicked the air sensing her surroundings.  “Aww, Lieutenant,” she said approaching Gionna carrying an artifact in the shape of a decahedon.  It had markings on [...]

2 October 2022

An Exchange of Supplies

USS Feuos: The Helaspont Liaison

Captain Órlaith Murphy stood on the bridge of the USS Feuos  flanked by her operations chief, Lieutenant Commander Erin Hayden, and her Chief Medical Officer Doctor T’Lar.  “It’s a fine first command you got here Captain,” Órlaith said to Captain Farnsworth. “I have to admit [...]

2 October 2022

An Exchange of Ideas

USS Feuos: The Helaspont Liaison

In space the diminutive Raven class USS Feuos came along side the Excelsior class USS Crazy Horse, at a continually slowing speed. Operating only on maneuvering thrusters, the ships matched one anothers velocity, and eventually came to station keeping.Aboard the bridge of the Feuos, Captain [...]