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The USS Anaheim is a California class starship operating out of Starbase 93. Though it has been recently retrofitted with an array of scientific labs and equipment, it primarily fulfills a variety of utility roles within Federation space.

USS Anaheim (Archive)


Following it’s retrofit from a medical oriented vessel to a science oriented vessel a few months back, the entire crew of the USS Anaheim was replaced to fulfill its new role. The ship is typically tasked with a variety of utility roles within Federation space, with priority being assigned to those with a scientific bent. Unfortunately, a wave of indifference and a foul temperament has polluted the crew of the Anaheim.

The captain, a former Cardassian gul, was assigned after the retrofit and has been relegated to postings such as this during his time in Starfleet. He has become apathetic with his postings, and now does the bare minimum to keep his command. His attitude has bled through to the crew who have become demoralized and have begun to lose their Starfleet optimism.

A brand new first officer, Commander Layet, has been assigned to the Anaheim. As a true believer in the ideals of Starfleet, he hopes to uplift the spirits of the crew and reignite their spark. A challenging task as he is a reserved individual who has always struggled socially to fit in. He has also not set foot on a starship in years as he has been stationed in the JAG office commanding legal cases instead of a bridge.

Crew Manifest