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Profile Overview

Jacob Chandler

Catian Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Chandler




General Overview
Jacob is a largely quiet man, preferring solitude and silence to hustle and bustle. Having grown up on Earth among Humans, he spent his adolescence learning about his genetic people and striving to be a prime example of the formidable Catian deft and intellect.

Strengths & Weaknesses
With a preternatural sense of location and place, Chandler is skilled at sensing danger, and has an inexplicably astute and finely honed ability to reason out courses of vessels pursued, and has a natural, constant knowledge of where he is –his temper, however, is fearsome.


Jacob grew up in Columbus, Georgia, on Earth. He spent much of his early childhood striving to understand himself and his place in the universe. He did his best to indoctrinate himself in anything and everything Catian he could learn. His father, also born on Earth, did his best to instruct and guide the young Catian by learning, only after his son’s birth, more about his genetic people. Owing to this, he’s often viewed as a pariah by homeworld Catians, because he lives via “theory” as opposed to “practice”.

He could be well described as a “boy-scout” version of a Catian warrior, viewed by most Catians as something akin to an adult Eagle-scout.

Jacob has a long history with Starfleet, and recently took a reduction in rank in order to serve under Commander Parry of the starship Victorious-A.  Due to recent events, the Lieutenant Commander was forced to take command of the saber-classed starship, and is currently serving as her Commanding Officer as Acting Captain.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2365 - 2369 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2370 - 2375 Operations Specialist Starbase 416
2376 - 2378 Assistant Chief Engineer USS LaGrange
2379 - 2382 Chief Engineer USS Missouri
2382 - 2386 Chief Operations Officer USS Missouri
2386 - 2389 Various Roles Typhon Pact Think Tank
2389 - Present Acting Commanding Officer USS Victorious-A