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Profile Overview

Vivien Riely

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Riely




Vivien Irene Riely




Young Adult:

While she was born in Halifax, she didn’t get to stay very long since her mother was a Marine Biologist, and constantly going where she was needed. Starfleet and the Federation did their best to avoid moving the family around too much, but by the time she was 12 they had already lived on four different planets. Luckily after that, her mother took an extended leave of absence, and they returned to Earth until Vivien entered the Academy.


The Academy entrance exams were passed fairly easily, there were obviously things she was challenged by and things she would need to work on in order to actually graduate, but she was accepted on her first try. Eager to become a scientist like her mother, she never-the-less found a different calling after her first years courses, in Astrophysics and Quantum Mechanics. While she was able to make many friends at the Academy, she fell out of touch with them all at various points later in her life, and never really formed any lasting relationships.

Starfleet Tour:

After graduating in the top 85% of her class, she accepted her first assignment with glee, as it was a Science Outpost that had been fairly recently established to study a nearby star cluster. Her position was technically one of an Analyst, but she found herself doing many of the same tasks her compatriots were doing, and often double checking their work. Usually her help was met with compliments, but on a few occasions her colleagues weren’t so appreciative. Luckily by the time she was transferred to the USS Charon as a Junior Science Officer, she had a reputation as someone with an eye for detail. The Charon technically wasn’t a science or research vessel, but thanks to the relative lull in galactic conflicts, she found herself on a small number of exploration and survey missions, something Vivien took an immense liking to.