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Sienna Frisco

Human Female


Character Information

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Lieutenant Frisco


USS Valkyrie


The Sun


Sienna Sol Frisco




Sienna is finding her footing as a doctor with eyes towards reaching the role of Chief Medical Officer on a Starship after many years on stations.


Short at 5’4 with brown hair that is usually put up.

Created by MidjourneyAI
Created using MidjourneyAI


Sienna was a thinker and given to reading medical journals, medical books, and anything that would give her more information on anything medical.  Sickbay often had several books of hers sitting around halfway read.


Early Life (2371-2389)

Sienna Sol Frisco was born to Abraham and Julia Frisco on Vulcan.  They were human parents who had emigrated to the planet as part of a cultural exchange program.  Sienna grew up learning about emotional control from Vulcan teachers while excelling at learning Earth’s History with a schooling based on her people.  She was a wild child and required additional tutoring throughout her schooling.  Eventually, she found her love of medicine in high school and began pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor.  She applied to attend the human extension of the Vulcan Academy and was accepted.

Vulcan Academy (2389-2392)

Sienna excelled in her medical classes and leaned in hard to the learning process.  She worked alongside Human and Vulcan cadets, learning from the best as she continued to press forward on her dreams.  She completed her first two years and was recommended for Starfleet Academy in Fourth Fleet.

Starfleet Academy (2392-2394)

Sienna entered an accelerated program for medical officers.  Her dossier is filled with commendations from professors.  She took more classes to advance, always striving to be the best she could.  She graduated with a medical officer designation in 2394 and was recommended for her residency on Earth at the Univeristy of Colorado Hospital.

University of Colorado Hospital (2394-2396)

Ensign Frisco applies her work ethic and focus she learned on Vulcan and pushes herself hard over the next two years.  She completed her medical studies and was transferred to Starbase Bravo as a medical officer.

Starfleet (2396-2401)

She serves as a medical officer on Starbase Bravo from 2396 to 2398. Her tenure there is marked with good reviews and solid performance.  Her various COs remarked several times that she would be a great fit on a starship.

She was assigned to Starbase 72 as one of the several assistant chief medical officers in 2398.  An uneven reception from several officers marked her arrival.  She struggled for the next six months and found no relief from the officers.  She requested a transfer to another hospital wing, and it was granted.  She found success in this new assignment, and her morale rose.  In turn, her performance and reviews returned to normal.  She impressed her COs enough to earn a promotion to Lieutenant in 2400.

USS Valkyrie

She applies to the USS Valkyrie for the position of Chief Medical Officer.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2400 - 2401 Assistant Chief Medical Officer Starbase 72
2398 - 2401 Assistant Chief Medical Officer Starbase 72
2396 - 2398 Medical Officer Starbase Bravo
2394 - 2396 Resident University of Colorado Hospital