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Profile Overview

Jessie Porter

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Porter




Jessica’s father was a highly respected engineer who was often assigned to starbases as part of a team that would upgrade incoming federation starships. He brought his children with him after his wife passed away during a security training mission. Jessica was 11 at the time.

Jessica had a knack for taking things apart and fixing them. Her father encouraged this and often found ways for her to join him in his work. She received special accommodations for various independent studies she pursued while in school. She scored a six month internship at the Vista Morta Institute and was offered admission to Starfleet Academy upon completion.

Out of six brothers, only two chose not to pursue a career in starfleet. Trevor and Reed Curtis went on the start a small restaurant chain near Philadelphia. The other five Curtis children ended Starfleet Academy at different times and each graduated. Phillip only stayed in Starfleet for two years before leaving to join a woman who ran cargo near the Klingon Boarder. Jessica’s other brothers went into science and engineering.

Jessica found herself on a Renaissance Class vessel as a junior engineer. She was assigned to Damage Control and Environmental systems. Within a year, she was promoted to Environmental Specialist. Six monthes later, she was transferred and reassigned to Damage Control and Structural Specialist for a vessel primarily assigned to border control along the Romulan Neutral Zone. During the next three years, Jessica bounced around from the ship to four starbases lacking in personnel.

Starbase 319 was home to John Porter. A holonovelist with four big hits to his name. He was staying on the base watching for characters for his next novel when he bumped into a frazzled Jessica Curtis on her way to investigate a nano parasite that had been released on the base. After a year and a half of pursuit, John finally was able to land a date with the overworked engineer. With his help, she was able to find a better balance in life. A year later, they married just as she was being reassigned.

The two of them moved onto a vessel that was part of a small fleet that guarded the Alpergee Pathway. It was a special one lightyear short cut through the Nomus Void. The void was home to many types of radiation and other anomalies. There were two science vessels assigned to the fleet. John enjoyed journeying between ships passing through the pathway while writing two novels and entertaining various guests. Jessica also found herself traveling between ships, but for other reasons. The various crews had close relationships as replacements didn’t get assigned often.

During her tour on the USS Artemis, Jessica found herself pregnant twice. Both daughters were born on ships, one on the Artemis and the other two years later on the USS Fortitude under battle conditions. Jessica was transferred to an advanced ship two years later as the Assistant Chief Engineering Officer. It was there she reconnected with her father who was tested an new Energy System. They worked closely together for six months before he left to test another system on another vessel. Jessica continued her own tweaking of the system and sent her findings to her father who published her findings after verifying them. She is now considered the expert in Diboridium circuits and magnetospheric iconic compensators.