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Artorias Forthright

Human Male

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Lieutenant Forthright




Artorias Forthright



Artorias is a Starfleet Lieutenant currently posted as chief tactical officer of the USS Nighthawk, in addition he is a Starfleet Special Operations Operative assigned to the Nighthawk in lieu of tensions with other galactic powers in the early 24th century.


Born in the Southeastern United States Artorias in 2297, named after his maternal great grandfather. Growing up in the shadow of Pope Air Base, once serving the US Military, and now housing Starfleet Special Operations and a Starfleet Air Base Artorias was constantly exposed to Starfleet’s more military side, with the exploratory aspect always coming from his education, not real life experiences.

As a result when he came of age and was able to begin studying for, and applying to, Starfleet Academy Artorias’ chosen track was tactical, leading into Special Operations. Years near and around members of SSO allowed him to glean advice, suggestions, and stories a young mind shouldn’t hear that fueled his desires. His joining Starfleet pleased his mother, but disappointed his father, who had hoped he would continue the family business operating a small inn and pub in Fayetteville, not realizing that it was that business that gave him access all his ideas to begin with.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2309 - 2311 Starfleet Special Operations Trainee SSO Training post Starfleet Academy
2311 - 2316 Security Officer USS Zeitgeist
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2316 - 2321 Security/Tactical Officer USS Lexington
2321 - 2324 Special Operations Officer/Supplemental Training Pope Air Field, Earth, United States
2324 - Present Chief Tactical Officer USS Nighthawk