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Tivi Boagim

Bajoran Male

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Still working through character details but the idea I have is a Bajoran who lived in many make shift camps as his community was forced to evacuate from planet to planet. Medical resources being limited my character learned basic medical skills but to treat diseases he was forced to use the natural resources (plants & herbs) to create them due to medical supplies being low. My character is joining starfleet to get better training and skills so that he can return to his community and serve his people. Boagim appears more emotionless than a vulcan. Where as many Bajorans have hungered for revenge for the occupation of his people, Boagim however has been defeated emotionally and desires to great others a life he is no longer capable of living. Not sure if my character should be medical officer or Science but figured his skills would include: Medical (surgery, first aide, ect), Science (Botany, Herbology, and Hydroponics).