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Profile Overview


Humanoid (Isisean) Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ward



Played By

Meila (ID: )


Devin is a very playful and curious person. She enjoys a variety of music due to in part of her knowledge of languages and costumes of numerous species. She enjoys a wide variety of sports and games as well. Her playful streak comes out most when she is not working ass well as now and again in her reports written in several languages with attached dictionary for easy translation if the information isn’t readily available from the universal translator. (She will always add a full translation of the report at the end of such things and CO’s familiar with her tactics just scroll down to the last five paragraphs).


Devin and her older sister Charlotte were born to a pair of young Isiseans who appeared to be stealing various things to make a living. The shuttle they were born on was littered with various things that obviously didn’t belong to the pair, either way it is uncertain about the true events that lead to the shuttle crashing and leaving the newborns with deceased parents. Samuel Reed found the shuttle’s escape pod during his morning ride through the woods, with the babies within, he brought them back to the cabin where he and his husband rented for their family getaway.

As luck would be with the babies Samuel and Damian were also Isiseans and had adopted an Isisean orphan a year earlier, so they had no concerns other than making sure the baby girls were okay. After taking them to a medical emergency center they were pronounced as healthy dispite the fact they appeared to be premature. After a few weeks spent in incubation the babies were released into Damian and Samuel’s care they returned to their home on Jupiter station and raised their young charges as well as any other family. The kids were taught the rules of living among regular folks and knew whom to trust with knowing they were the tiny felines running about the station. Most of the kids adventures went well enough minus a few instances were they had snuck aboard a star ship or Frieghter to deal with bullies.

In school Devin and Charlotte were ahead of the curve and skipping several years ahead even passing by their elder brother Nathaniel in his studies. Most nights Devin or Charlotte would help Nathaniel correct his school work if their guardians were otherwise busy.

Devin applied for Starfleet at 12 years old and kept applying until she was accepted at age 14 with the consent of both guardians. Proving she was tenacious in going after what she wanted.

While waiting for acceptance she spent her free time learning various languages she figured might be useful and others because she liked the sounds from their music, operas.

During course studies she was almost a perfect student. After class hours she was into one type of mischief more another often leading to numerous warnings. For pranks and disagreeing with higher classmates on how a project should be approached. After graduation she has bounced from one posting to another for missions, as well as her CO’s trading her for another less cheeky officer. Devin has never really put much stock in her rank. Her rank means nothing to her as it goes up when her Co is pleased with her but down again when she pisses off the wrong person. Devin will do the right thing for her shipmates or those in need no matter, the personal cost. She will use her skills in verbal debating and if that’s not enough she will find alternatives to make sure her shipmates are well.