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Profile Overview

Jacquie Wilkerson

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commodore Wilkerson




Born on June 8, 2213 on the Marine Mining & Exploration Colony of Trodat III to a Senior Miner and his wife, young Jacquie spent most of her formative years in the outer colonies of the Federation. Both of her parents made sure she would attend various Federation schools in the colonies so she wouldn’t miss out on anything. From the age of 6, she became fascinated with Starfleet, the stories of the NX-01, Admiral Archer and crew. She would spend hours reading and watching the declassified holovids of their explorations.

In 2225 when she was 12 her father took her to the Starfleet Museum in Lunar orbit and at the Smithsonian in Washington DC in the former United States. She toured the NX-01 which was preserved there, and her path in life was set when she sat in Captain Archer’s chair, she was going to be a Starfleet Captain someday.

Over the next 6 years she studied hard, focusing on Maths, Sciences, Interstellar affairs, and other subjects she felt would help her to get into the Starfleet Academy. In early 2231 she took the Starfleet Entrance Exam at the Starfleet Recruit Depot on Rigel XII. She passed and was admitted into the Academy for the Academic Year of 2231.

Jacquie excelled in her studies at the Academy especially in the areas of Early-Earth/Starfleet history, Tactics and security training. She remained fit during her four years at the Academy by running the trails around the Presido, and swimming in both the Academy pool and the Pacific Ocean. She remained somewhat social with her fellow cadets, striking up a friendship and rivalry with several of her classmates, although her primary focus was to excel on her studies and be posted to a starship right out of the Academy.

Starfleet was expanding during the 2230’s, and with the increased construction of the Walker Class, Light Exploration Cruisers, Jacquie was hopeful that she might get assigned to a deep space exploration of a sector of space that had only been previously explored by one of the dozens of deep space probes that Starfleet and the Federation Stellar Cartography Division had sent out to map since the Federation was founded in 2161.

In 2234 Jacquie meant Alexander Burr, a Science Cadet in his final year at the Academy. She was instantly smitten with him. Within a matter of weeks Alex and Jacquie were inseparable, spending what spare time they had together. At the end of the Academic Year Alex was assigned to the USS Thomas Jefferson, and Aging Daedalus class starship.

As Jacquie completed her final year at the Academy they continued a long term relationship, and despite being light years apart their love grew. Jacquie ended up graduating in the 85th Percentile of her Academy class. She was assigned to do her final cadet cruiser on board the USS Mayfair, a Saladin Class mid range escort. She spent six months on the Mayfair before she was assigned to the USS Cossack, a Walker Class ship that was about to depart on a five year exploration of the Alpha Quadrant, following up on a half dozen deep space probe surveys. Shortly before she took this posting Alex proposed to her, and she accepted. Both Jacquie and Alex agreed that they would be married during their first shoreleave together, as neither wanted to interrupt their careers for personal matters

Six months into her deployment on board the Cossack, Jacquie learned that the Thomas Jefferson was destroyed with all hands by a Klingon Marauder. She became frustrated when Starfleet Command and the Federation Council wrote of the Jefferson’s destruction as the cost of doing business, and an accident. Although she was devastated about the loss, Jacquie’s dedication to duty never waivered and she continued to push herself harder than most officers of her rank. About half way into the Cossack’s five year mission she was promoted to Lieutenant JG for exemplary actions in the line of duty protect a Federation Colony on Sigma II from an Nausicaan raid.

Most of her first mission was uneventful system surveys and exploration. When all said and done the Cossack explored 22 systems and made first contact with 6 new species Upon the completion of the tour she was promoted to Full Lieutenant and assigned to the USS Michigan, a Nimitz Class Cruiser. She spent two years patrolling the Federation on board the Michigan before being assigned as a Tactical Officer on the newly commissioned Starbase 48, near where the Jefferson was destroyed.

She spent the next five years on the Starbase responding to Klingon Raids, and attempting to dissuade the Klingons from attacking Federation interests in the area. The Klingon Augments were starting to become more and more aggressive as they felt the Federation was encroaching on territory that was part of the Empire.

Starfleet began to take the Klingon problem more seriously during this period, commission several new classes of Starship including the Miranda and Constitution Class starships. Both classes were designed to be more powerful exploration vessels, but be able to hold their own against the Klingon threat. Jacquie was assigned as Chief Tactical Officer on board the newly commissioned USS Hancock, Miranda Class.

The Hancock was assigned to do a five year patrol of the area of space near the Romulan Neutral Zone as Starfleet did not want the long dormant Romulans to start to make an issue as long as the Klingon threat remained. It was during this posting that Jacquie decided that she wanted to undergo Starfleet Command Training and eventually take command of a starship, as she knew Starfleet was going to need qualified Captains, as the fleet was growing. She did most of the lesson work while she was deployed on the Hancock. The Romulans did not cause any trouble, and the Hancock’s patrol was routine. The ship made several new archeological finds of the Iconian Empire, and helped to establish a couple of colonies.

Jacquie was immediately assigned to the USS Berlin an older Walker Class Ship as Executive Officer from her last posting. She was transferred by shuttle to the Berlin, as the ship was being assigned to Admiral Harris in Sector 48 to quell some Klingon and Nausicaan border raids.

In 2255 the Berlin came under fire by a Nausicaan battle group and Jacquie was forced to assume command as the ship’s Commanding Officer, Captain Jacobs was critically injured. She eventually was able to beat back the Nausicaans by hiding in side of a Class 5 Nebula. The ship was recalled while Captain Jacobs recuperated and the ship itself underwent repairs.

Most of her four years on the Berlin she was engaged in near constant combat situations, as the Nausicaans were becoming bolder and the situation with the Klingon Empire was degrading. At the end of March 2256 Captain Jacobs informed her that Command was giving her command of a newly commissioned Constitution Class Starship, and was to depart immediately for the Archer Shipyards at Luna to assume command of the ship. She was told she would receive further orders upon arrival of her new command, the USS Saracen.