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Gabriel Jackson

Human Male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Jackson


USS Valkyrie


Gabriel Luther Jackson

14th of January, 2244 (Age: 57)

Salt Lake City, North America, Earth


Captain Gabriel Luther Jackson is a Human male Starfleet Line officer and the current commanding officer of the USS Valkyrie. He has fought during the Borg Incursions as well as in the Dominion War making him a brilliant tactician and strategist he is also a noted diplomat.



Early History | (2344 – 2362)

Gabriel Luther Jackson was born on the 14th of January, 2344 in Salt Lake City on the North American continent of Earth. Both of his parents were stationed on Earth, and by that point, they both had well-established careers in the fleet. His mother worked in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers as a construction supervisor and his father worked at the Starfleet Medical Academy as a professor. Shortly after turning twelve, Gabriel’s mother received a promotion to captain and would subsequently move to Utopia Planitia where she would assist in the construction of a new class of ship. His father would be prompted to commodore and would be made Chancellor of Starfleet Medical Academy, remaining on Earth with Gabriel. After hearing about the tells of the great Captain James T. Kirk, at the age of fifteen Gabriel would decide that he wanted to join Starfleet becoming the third generation of Starfleet officers.

Starfleet Career | (2362 – Present)

Starfleet Academy | (2362 – 2366)

In 2362, Jackson was accepted into Starfleet Academy. Although he had an ambition to go into the engineering field, he would ultimately decide to pursue the tactical and security fields instead. His intellect and analytical skills help him a lot in his studies. While at the academy, he would grow a strong friendship with his strategy and tactics professor, Jonathan McTavish. His stories of commanding starships and fighting against the Cardassians, and some pirates as well as leading his own hazard team would inspire him to carry on pursuing this path of thinking. 

Professor McTavish would encourage Gabriel to complete the advanced tactical training. McTavish had a lot of courage in Gabriel that he would see it through and would become part of the ten percent that would manage to finish the training course. Gabriel would agree and McTavish would put his name forth, after about two months all the people who completed were named, and Gabriel was among them. Completing the training course would make him one of if not the most popular students in the academy.

In his final years at the Academy, he would choose phaser marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat as his chosen combat training options and would gain excellent proficiency in both. Gabriel was an impressive fighter but he could be a skilled diplomat when the situation called for it. He was often called the peacekeeper because he would help resolve numerous arguments between fellow cadets. This would cause some strife with other cadets, most notably Liam Hask.

Liam perceived Gabriel as an insufferable know-it-all. Even though he was quite the opposite. Despite this Gabriel would think highly of Laim, and thought that he would be one of the most discussed physicians in all of Starfleet. During a training exercise on Europa, a shuttle that they were using would malfunction and crash into the frozen rock. During this time Liam and Gabriel would work together to lead the other cadets to safety, finding a relay station and sending a distress call to Starbase 1 in orbit above Jupiter. This would lead to Liam and Gabriel becoming close friends.

In 2366, Gabriel would achieve top marks in his chosen major fields, command and control as well as xenolinguistics; by the time he had graduated from the academy, he was top of his class.

USS Drax | (2366 – 2369)

After leaving Starfleet Academy, Gabriel was immediately given his first assignment. He would be a security officer aboard the USS Drax, an Ambassador-class emissary. He would meet a fellow security officer by the name of Thotta zh’Tiarhess. Thotta and Gabriel would often work together on almost every mission, making them close friends. They both sought each other for advice when they faced a problem they couldn’t solve on their own. Then in 2369, Gabriel found out he was being reassigned; he and Thotta promised each other they would remain in contact with one another.

USS Lagoon | (2369 – 2377)

After being reassigned to the USS Lagoon, a Nebula-class exploratory cruiser Gabriel would become an investigations officer and would receive a promotion to lieutenant junior grade, before being elevated to deputy head of investigations. Then in 2374, he requested a transfer to the tactical department becoming a tactical officer where he would receive a promotion to lieutenant. While serving aboard the Lagoon they would be sent to Sector 303 accompanied by a small task force to investigate a possible Borg Sphere spotting. Upon arriving in the sector they would detect a sphere and would move to intercept it. This would be Gabriel’s first and last encounter with the one the Borg called First of Six. During their battle, an unexplainable stellar phenomenon occurred cutting off the cubes’ connection with the collective. This would all of the Borg drones aboard the sphere to become free of the collective’s control. Sending someone who had been connected since the Battle of Wolf 359 into madness. Although not all would experience this most notably of which is First of Six, resuming her human personality of Lilith West. Lilith would recover from her abrupt disconnection with the collective in a matter of days. Gabriel would help Lilith recover her forgotten self and would help her fit back into Starfleet after being assimilated for nearly a decade. This would help strengthen her relationship and would lead to Lilith reentering active service with her former rank of commander reinstated. The following year in 2377 Gabriel would be transferred from the Lagoon.

USS Ark | (2377 – 2385)

In 2377, Gabriel would be transferred to the USS Ark, a Saber-class frigate where he would take on the role of phaser operator. He would meet Ensign Addison Hill and they would grow a strong working relationship. Despite being in separate departments they would always find time to hang out with each other. There was even a rumor aboard the ship that they were dating despite both of them denying it numerous times. A few weeks after meeting Addison in 2379, Gabriel would be promoted to lieutenant commander and would be elevated to senior phaser operator. This advancement would put his and Addison’s friendship into the frying pan but it would not dry it out as they both still made the effort of trying to make time to hang out. Then during the Ark’s time at Starbase 141 for shore leave, he and Addison would finally have time to sit down. They would catch up on what they had missed in each other’s lives and Addison would reveal that she is being transferred. This would make Gabriel sad at first but then excited because his friend is being recognized for her achievements. In 2383 after Addison leaves the Ark, Gabriel is chosen to become the assistant chief tactical officer after the previous one was reassigned. After two years of being the assistant chief tactical officer, he would be reassigned.

USS Anderson | (2385 – 2397)

In 2385, shortly after he was reassigned to the USS Anderson, a Galaxy-class explorer, his new commanding officer Captain Raven D’Antonio would not only make him chief tactical officer but also second officer. Two days after joining the crew devastation would hit the Anderson’s crew. The news of the attack on Mars turned the once cheerful and energetic mood of the crew into one of sadness and anger. Many on the crew had lost loved ones, including the Captain. Over the next eight years, Gabriel would serve as the chief tactical officer and second officer aboard the Anderson. Then the executive officer would receive her own ship in command, Raven would select Gabriel to replace her as the ship’s new executive officer. For the next four years, Gabriel and Raven would become an unstoppable duo. Then in 2397, a disastrous event would happen. While patrolling the northwest region of the Federation they would be attacked by an Orion pirate ship. Causing Raven to temporarily transfer command to Gabriel putting him in the center chair. He would see the crew through this perilous event and command the ship to make port at Starbase 10 where he would get the chance to look at the USS Odyssey. While there he would receive the promotion he had dreamt about for years. He would finally become a captain and would receive his first ship in the center chair.

USS Alturas | (2397 – 2401)

After a career spanning nearly thirty years, Gabriel would be given command of his first ship the USS Alturas, an Intrepid-class explorer. While patrolling the Gorn border a little over a week after leaving dry dock, the Alturas suffered a sudden power surge triggering a series of critical systems failures. Alarms across the Alturas blared, and control panels flickered on and off before plunging into darkness. The engines sputtered and then went silent, leaving the crew stranded in the cold void. With life support dwindling by the minute, Gabriel and his crew raced against time to diagnose the issue and restart the Alruras’ vital systems before their oxygen supply depleted. With nearly every system offline, Gabriel and the crew nearly saw the light, but due to the Anderson being in the vicinity, they rushed to assist. While investigating to find out what caused the power surge it was discovered that they had been underworking the Alturas causing it to produce more power than what was being used. For nearly half a decade they would travel across the Federation assisting people as well as ferrying ambassadors from place to place. After an attack on the ship by two pirate-controlled K’t’inga-class battlecruisers, the Alturas would be towed to Avalon Fleet Yards. While there Gabriel would cross paths with the Fourth Fleet’s Chief of Operations, Admiral Luke Duncan. Admiral Duncan would give Gabriel a choice to remain aboard the Alturas or join the Fourth Fleet and receive command of a Sovereign class.

USS Valkyrie | (2401 – Present)

In 2401, Gabriel resigned from command of the Alturas and was placed in command of the newly refitted USS Valkyrie.


Physical Description

Athletic, tall, and handsome Captain Jackson comes in at 6’1″ (185 cm). He has an athletic build only weighing 161 lbs (73 kg). Jackson has pitch-black hair that he usually keeps cut low. He has dark brown colored eyes.

While on duty, Jackson is found wearing the standard Starfleet uniform, while off duty, he usually is dressed in more relaxed clothing, usually a simple t-shirt and jean pants and maybe a jacket or hoodie.

Physical Appearance

  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6’1″ (185 cm)
  • Weight: 161 lbs (73 kg)
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Portrayed By: Regé-Jean Page


Strength & Weakness

Gabriel is a skilled Starfleet officer, and a highly talented leader, a brilliant strategist and tactician, someone whom any Starfleet captain can depend upon to come up with a solution to almost any problem they come across. He is a quick thinker, which compliments his problem-solving skills. His out-of-the-box, sometimes unorthodox methods complement his problem-solving skills; his innovative solutions have both inspired and disgusted his fellow Starfleet officers. He also possessed an extraordinary degree of tactical insight. He also demonstrated a great degree of combat prowess. He was skilled at unarmed combat, melee dueling, and the operation of all weapon types. He was also one of the best pilots during his time at the academy.


Gabriel has always wanted to be a captain, ever since he heard of the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk. It was always his dream to captain a Constitution-class ship in the stars and explorer. Now that he has commanded a crew he has realized that not all is as it seems. Being in the center chair has made him grow in all areas of life. He has opened himself up and enjoys every moment that comes his way. He still has other dreams however one of which is to command his own Odyssey-class heavy explorer, after seeing the USS Odyssey during his time at Starbase 10 in 2397 he has wanted his own. His more long-term goal is to lead his own squadron or even a task force.

Biographical Data


  • Federation Standard
  • Vulcan
  • Romulan

Service Branches

United Federation of Planets | Starfleet

Years of Service

Starfleet: 2366 – Present

Notable Positions

USS Iris | Deputy Head of Investigations: 2372 – 2374

USS Ark | Assistant Chief Tactical Officer: 2383 – 2385

USS Anderson | Chief Tactical Officer: 2385 – 2393

USS Anderson | Second Officer: 2385 – 2393

USS Anderson | Executive Officer: 2393 – 2397

USS Anderson | Acting Commanding Officer: 2397

USS Alturas | Commanding Officer: 2397 – 2401

USS Valkyrie | Commanding Officer: 2401 – Present



Raven D’Antonio

Captain Raven D’Antonio is a Human female Starfleet line officer and the current commanding officer of the USS Gora. Gabriel first met when she was assigned to the Anderson after the death of the previous commanding officer in 2385. Raven would select Gabiel to become the chief tactical officer and second officer. They would grow somewhat close during that time, but devastation would hit when Raven learned of the Attack on Mars. In April of 2385 two months after assuming command of the Anderson, Raven would be hit with the news that her husband had died. This would lead to a deep hatred towards synths and would nearly push her to resign from command. However, before she submitted he resignation Gabriel would help her grief properly and would encourage her to stay in command. This encounter would help to strengthen their relationship, turning into more of a prolonged situationship.


Liam Hask

Captain Dr. Liam Hask, M.D. is a Human male Starfleet line officer. When they first met in their sophomore year at the academy Liam hated Gabriel, he saw him as an insufferable know-it-all. Despite this Gabriel thought highly of Liam, he thought he was a highly skilled physician and he was a very talented person. As time went on and they grew closer Liam would come to value Gabriel’s expertise. They often talk to each other to catch up and ask each other for their help whenever they need it.

Thotta zh’Tiarhess

Captain Thottaa zh’Tiarhess is an Andorain zhen Starfleet line officer. Thootta and Gabriel meet while serving aboard the Drax together. Thotta was a fellow security officer. They enjoyed working together on almost every mission, making them extremely close. They often ask each other for advice when they are facing a situation they are unsure of how to solve on their own. They both have upheld their promise to each other and remain in contact with one another.

Lilith West

Captain Lilith West is a Human female Starfleet line officer. When Lilith and Gabriel first meet it is not the way moat friends meet. They met in 2376 when the Borg advanced into Sector 303, which she spearheaded. Causing the death of a lot of his friends and colleagues. Even after she had been unassimilated he still held a grudge against her. Eventually, he would let it go and would grow close with her even helping her get through her therapy sessions so that she could return to active service.

Addison Hill

Lieutenant Addison Hill is a Human female Starfleet line officer. She is one of Gabriel’s closest friends and one of three he actively talks to on a regular basis.

Daniel Bailey

Commander Daniel Bailey is a Human male Starfleet line officer. He was Gabriel’s first first officer. When choosing a first officer after assuming command of the Alturas in 2397, Gabriel was at first unimpressed at the glowing record filled with statistics and letters of recommendation until he reached his disciplinary record. His record showed several references to Daniel stopping his superiors as well as his colleagues from beaming down to anywhere he felt was a hazardous situation. Gabriel was impressed that Daniel would challenge his superior’s authority if need be, and would put the safety of the captain and the crew ahead of his own career if the need arose. This was enough for Gabriel to select Daniel for the position of executive officer. When they met face to face for the first time they were cold to one another but as time went on they grew enormous respect and would later become strong friends.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2362 - 2363 Tactical & Security Cadet Starfleet Academy
San Francisco — Earth

Cadet Freshman Grade
2363 - 2364 Tactical & Security Cadet Starfleet Academy
San Francisco — Earth

Cadet Sophomore Grade
2364 - 2365 Tactical & Security Cadet Starfleet Academy
San Francisco — Earth

Cadet Junior Grade
2365 - 2366 Tactical & Security Cadet Starfleet Academy
San Francisco — Earth

Cadet Senior Grade
2366 - 2367 Relief Security Officer USS Drax

2367 - 2369 Security Officer USS Drax

2369 - 2372 Investigations Officer USS Lagoon

2372 - 2374 Deputy Head of Investigations USS Lagoon

Lieutenant Junior Grade
2374 - 2377 Tactical Officer USS Lagoon

2377 - 2379 Phaser Operator
Phaser Ops. Department


2379 - 2383 Senior Phaser Operator
Phaser Ops. Department


Lieutenant Commander
2383 - 2385 Assistant Chief Tactical Officer USS Ark

Lieutenant Commander
2385 - 2393 Chief Tactical Officer
Second Officer

USS Anderson

2393 - 2397 Executive Officer USS Anderson

2397 Acting Commanding Officer USS Anderson

2397 - 2401 Commanding Officer USS Alturas

2401 - Present Commanding Officer USS Valkyrie