Profile Overview

Jowita Przybyszewska

3/4 Human, 1/4 Vulcan Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Przybyszewska


Chief of Operations
USS Denver


Jowita Aleksandra Magdalena Przybyszewska


Katowice, Poland, Earth


((Pronounced Yoh-vee-ta Prshi-bish-eska))

Earnest, emotional, intense, impulsive, Jowita can be a handful. But alongside these traits she is also kind, insightful, logical and dedicated with a strong sense of order and an even stronger sense of justice.


Jowita is small of frame at 5’0″ (152cm) but is athletic of build, with strong, thick thighs and visible muscle curve on her shoulders and arms. This physique comes from her passion – dancing. She has dark-blonde hair, typically curled or waved, angular eastern-european features and large green/blue eyes. She speaks with an Eastern-European accent.


Being 1/4 Vulcan Jowita is prone to strong emotions. Not being raised around Vulcans she and her mother had to find ways of controlling these emotions, something she is not always very adept at. Her methods have become expression of emotion through dancing and gymnastics and while working maintaining a strong sense of order and discipline through almost obsessive attention to detail and meticulous planning. Jowita makes an excellent operations officer in part because she is able to keep track of a lot of things at once, predict issues and problems way before they might come up and think a few steps in front of the present. She has a strong imagination which helps her to predict possible outcomes or problems.


Jowita is very intelligent and has a very strong sense of justice and morality. She likes to see the potential for good, for improvement and for excellence and everything and everyone around her. She believes in virtuous behavior and the potential for greatness when working in a team of any size or type. On the other hand if things don’t go to plan, especially if her best efforts don’t yield fruit or if there are outside influences that don’t fit with her ideas around good and just behaviour (such as criminality) she can take things very personally and be very hurt. She might be called sensitive.


Jowita was brought up by her human mother Aleksandra and grandparents Anna and Stanislaw in Katowice, Poland. She knows very little about her father, only what her mother remembers which isn’t that much. She doesn’t even know his name. Her mother maintains she had her father had a night of shared love and passion, of understanding and kinsmanship, after which they went their separate ways. This was in 2344, when Aleksandra was fourteen.

Aleksandra had been struggling with bullying and one night in March of 2344 had clashed with her parents on the subject. Aleksandra let herself out of their apartment and went roving in downtown Katowice with a bottle of Vodka in one hand. Aleksandra went looking for her friends, but instead found a young half-Vulcan who was clearly going through something. The two bonded over hate of their respective current circumstance and spent the night together until Dawn, exploring the back streets of the city and dossing in Parks and Alleys. After their parting they never met again. Aleksandra never showed any inclination of finding out who he was and Jowita has respected that. All that is known is that he was half Vulcan and is around his mother’s age or slightly older. His biological influence was felt though by the young Jowita who always struggled with intense emotion.

To help the young Jowita cope without Vulcan teaching or influence Aleksandra enrolled her in all sorts of classes and she found that dancing and gymastics helped immensely. Jowita was able to focus her passion and emotion into that and became a much better student because of it. It could be seen as a kind of meditation for her. She excelled in school as a result and after aptitude testing was approached about joining Starfleet. In 2363 Jowita started at the Academy and passed out in 2367 around the middle of her class, with a couple of subjects near a fail and some near the top which gave her a decent average.

Jowita has served in Starship Operations since her passing out, coming to the USS Denver from the Miranda class USS Newcastle.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2365 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2366 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2367 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2368 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2368 - 2371 Junior Operations Officer USS Paxman
2371 - 2373 Operations Officer USS Newcastle
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2373 - 2374 Chief Operations Officer USS Newcastle
2374 Chief Operations Officer USS Denver