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Profile Overview

Jason Rotax

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Rotax


An intelligence officer skilled in subterfuge and blending in.


Jason was born to a loving family on Earth, and he was the oldest child born to that family. His father was a Starfleet Officer, and an Engineering Officer aboard a vessel. His family traveled with him for many years. Jason’s earliest memories are on a starship, and he had always known that one day he would be a member of Starfleet. When Jason was four, his younger sister Kimberly was born. She and Jason became close quickly, transcending even sibling rivalry. He protected her from everything in the world. As they grew older, he lost the protective instinct, instead regarding her as an equal. The two of them, though four years apart, did everything together. They did so until Cynthia was born.

When Jason was ten and Kimberly six, Cynthia was born. Being the youngest, she was quickly regarded as the baby needed protection. Jason and Kimberly paid as much attention as they could to the young child, though the two of them remained inseparable. When they baby went to bed, the two of them would sneak around the ship. They were ghosts to the personnel serving on that vessel.

Two years after Cynthia was born, a massive attacker laid waste to the vessel they were stationed on. A massive explosion destroyed the warp core and killed Lieutenant Commander Allen  Rotax, then Chief Engineer. The vessel that had attacked them was destroyed, but so was the quiet life of the Rotax family. They returned to Earth after that, hoping to live out their lives in peace.

The three children became even closer as the years passed by. They received their education, but in their off time they were still the little ghosts that they had always been. Even Cynthia  joined in their antics when she was old enough. Life was grand until Jason dropped the bombshell on his family. He announced his intention to join Starfleet.

Emma was heartbroken, but she knew better than to stand in her son’s way. He joined Starfleet when he was eighteen, much to his family’s dismay. He entered into the Academy, studying  psychology and forensics. As he progressed in his studies, fully intending on becoming a medical or science officer, he was approached by a member of Starfleet Intelligence. He was instead  offered a position with Intelligence. He graciously accepted.

As soon as he completed his Academy training, Jason was sent on a series of classified missions, embedding as a member of a number of different departments. Though he was able to retain information, he was never able to completely become any of the roles. He was, however, able to learn enough to function in a basic capacity and blend in with the crowd. During this time, he received an official promotion from Starfleet Intelligence to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Jason eventually found himself assigned to the USS South Carolina as an actual Intelligence Officer. He participated in a single mission, assisting in saving the crew from the ghosts of the USS Essex, a ship that had crashed under suspicious circumstances. After they had docked, Jason was called away on another classified mission.

Jason eventually returned to where he had been, having received official orders to Starbase 909 under the command of Commodore Michelle Dessler. He spent one mission with them before once again being called away.  He drifted the waters of mission after mission before being called to serve once again as an intelligence officer.