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Human McGowan

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Rosa had endeavored to become a medical officer, just as her mother and father were. She embarked on studying at Star Fleet. However, as Rosa neared the end of her studies at Star Fleet, her mother and father were killed as their ship was attacked as it attempted to provide medical aide to the Capella System. It was determined that the Capellans were under a biological attack from an unknown species. The ship was lost as were all aboard. Rosa struggled with the news. She abandoned seeking a PHD, not being able to continue the stress of studies, and settled to become an LPN. Now, at 27 years of age, she has received her first posting. Anxious for change and moving on with life, Rosa looks forward to the business of the sick bay to keep her mind off her loss. She will tend to overwork herself. However, when she is off duty. Rosa will seek to keep herself busy camping, hiking and mountain climbing. This is her way of keeping herself fit. Socially, Rosa is single, not necessarily looking for a relationship. She will establish friendships, but also enjoys solitude. When not enjoying the company of others, you will find Rosa wrapped in a blanket and reading a good book.