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Draekus Malifax

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Malifax


And old salt Chief Sec/Tac officer, retired since his last assignment


Draekus was born on Earth as an unassuming child. His parents were both members of Starfleet on shore leave back home. Shore leave ended shortly after Draekus' birth; so before his first birthday, Draekus was on his first starship. The Malifax family had managed to all get stationed on the same ship, so Draekus was never without a guiding hand. His older brother, Mars, often took little Draekus to the holodeck in their spare time. Draekus loved his young life, so full of love.

When Draekus was old enough, he joined Starfleet Academy. He passed easily, having been groomed for life on a starship since he was born. When he left the Academy, his mother pulled some strings to get him assigned to the same ship that the rest of his family was assigned to.

Draekus served as a security officer aboard his family's vessel, happy to be assigned somewhere he knew well. While he was doing his security rounds, he met a young medical officer by the name of Sara. As time went on, they started to fall in love. The captain, a benevolent man, blessed their relationship. Within a year, they were married.

Shortly after they were married, tragedy struck the couple and their vessel. It came under attack by a rogue Klingon vessel. They boarded the ship and began wreaking havoc on her crew. Draekus rushed to the scene to find his wife dead, her medical supplies in hand. She had died attempting to give aid to one of the fallen raiders, staying true to her oath to help all life.

Draekus attempted to fight his enemies, but he lacked the training and ability to defeat them. He was eventually beaten back into a corner. One of the raiders slit his throat slowly, letting him drop to the floor to bleed to death. Draekus held on to life, feeling the rage and hatred build inside him. The fatal wound burned on his neck, but Draekus fought the urge to roll over and die. He knew that he needed to live.

Draekus awoke to find himself in a sickbay. He pulled a nearby nurse to the side to ask her a question but found himself unable to speak. His eyes misted as the memories came flooding back to him. The nurse called the counselor, a full blooded Betazoid, to assist the young man. Through telepathic ommunications, the counselor was able to understand everything that Draekus  wanted to know and answer his questions.

Draekus found out that day that his entire family had been murdered. All but ten of the crew had been killed, and those ten had sustained massive injuries. The only surviving member of his family was Venus, his sister, who had been on a different assignment. From that point on, Draekus dedicated his life to taking care of his sister and training himself for combat. As  Draekus's obsession with combat grew, he thrust himself into mythology as well. He created a massvie tatoo on his chest that depicted Tyr, Odin, Thor, Athena, Ares, Huitzilopochtli,  and Sekhmet to pay hommage to the powers of war and battle. His various weapons bore names of great artifacts. Though his personal habits grew increasingly odd, his service never once  faded. Draekus made sure that he would be ready for anything else that would happen.