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Profile Overview

Shaarn Varyron

Human Male

Character Information


Shaarn served on board the USS Devestator as the Platoon Commanding Officer, eventually seeing a promotion from Second Lieutenant, to First Lieutenant, and finally to Captain.


Shaarn was born in a remote corner of the galaxy on an unknown planet. He does not remember his past, because he was quickly moved to the planet of Salvum. His father had set up several bribes in order to gain access to the planetary shield, hoping that it would lead to easier time without interference in conquering.  There, his father became a great warrior known simply as Varyron the Conqueror. He raided and destroyed many cities and towns in an effort to conquer the planet.

During one of Varyron’s raids, Sophia took her two children and fled to Starfleet for assistance. Starfleet, with its policy of non-interference, merely offered them asylum instead of attempting to stop the man, between the corruption and simple fact that he wasn’t harming the animals in the preserve areas. Sofia, distraught, accepted the offer and was whisked away from the planet to find herself in what amounted to little more than a refugee camp.

There, Shaarn went to an actual school, unlike the travels that he had been accustomed to.  Being a Federation refugee center, it extolled the virtues of Starfleet and its sister service, the Marine Corps.  Shaarn saw an opportunity at a young age to learn a way of war foreign to the foolish man that called himself Shaarn’s father.  He studied as hard as he could, hoping to one day join the Starfleet Marine Corps and return to his father for one very violent purpose.

Once in the Academy, Shaarn studied General Sciences to join the Marine Corps, seeking the application of the weapon skills he had learned in his time. He studied alongside a man by the name of Drakur Redragon, a victim of his father’s raids. Drakur graduated the Academy two years before Shaarn.

Shaarn was assigned to the USS Devestator after the Academy, though at the time he didn’t know that it was the same vessel his friend had served on.  He was assigned as a Platoon Commander under the MCO Major Tom Bertlos and MXO 1st Lt Thomas O’Connor.  Shaarn participated in several combat scenarios, culminating in a massive struggle that would end up costing Starfleet the loss of the the USS Devestator.

During the massive battle, Shaarn received grievous injuries and was taken to Sick Bay.  There he met the Head Nurse, Delilah Gellar.  While the survivors of the destruction of the USS Devestator awaited their fate, Shaarn spent much of his time in recovery, alongside Delilah who helped guide him through it.  The Devstator name would live on in a Sovereign Class vessel, christened the USS Devestator-A.

On board the new vessel, Shaarn continued to develop a relationship with Delilah.  On the inaugural mission of the Devestator A, Delilah and Shaarn were officially married.  After receiving another injury, Shaarn decided to retire from active service momentarily, rotating back to Earth to be an instructor at the Academy alongside his new wife.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2386 - Present Retired from Active Service Retired from Active Service
2385 - 2386 Marine Platoon Commander USS Devestator
2384 - 2385 Marine Platoon Commander USS Devestator
2382 - 2384 Marine Platoon Commander USS Devestator