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Emily Redragon

Human Female

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A marine devout in her service of Starfleet, the Corps, and the concept of justice joins as the CRU Leader.


Emily was left in an orphanage days after her birth, and as such has no memory of her birth parents. She was raised by the orphanage to groom her to be adopted, but that day never came.

Emily grew up bound to the streets and back alleys. The orphanage cared for them as much as possible, but it was poor and could only do so much. Emily got into many scuffles growing up, but she found ways to hold her own against opponents of all different sizes and numbers. She lost many more fights than she won, but she never left without giving at least as good as she got.

As time went on, Emily began to view the other children of the orphanage as her own wards. She was too boyish to be adopted, or at least that was what she was told, so she instead took to helping out the orphanage and defending the children when it was necessary. She performed this function so well that many of the children referred to her as Mama Emily or Mama Em, and she felt like a mother to them.

This went on for several years. Emily had become the both the protector and avenger for the children of the orphanage. She went into the city one day and found some men harassing one of her charges. She immediately jumped in and began fighting. To her surprise, she was joined by another man, fighting with her instead of against her. They quickly turned the tides and the opponents went running.

The man introduced himself as a Starfleet marine officer and explained to her what Starfleet and the Marine Corps was all about. She thanked him for his assistance and returned home to the orphanage. She found that Starfleet’s humanitarian department had taken a special interest in the home and had provided for the children there.

Seeing that her charges were being taken care of now, she decided to join the Starfleet Marine Corps herself. She went through the Academy, studying not just the physicality of what would be required of her as a marine but also the psychology of what made humans do what they do.

Emily’s first post was to a backwoods planetary base. She was a young and dutybound marine officer, and she wanted to do right by whatever post that she was given. Over time, she found that several sets of supplies were going missing. She investigated into it, but she was stonewalled every step of the way. Finally, she was approached by a man and offered additional supplies, plus letters of recommendation, to keep her mouth shut. Instead, she reported the entire incident to Starfleet Command, who found that several officers were accepting bribes to overlook unsavory activities in the area.

Emily was reassigned after the base came under investigation, mainly for her protection. She was reeling from the joy she felt in bringing down those that would violate the laws of her precious Federation and even more so Starfleet. After a few short months, she saw a posting open up on a vessel that she couldn’t help but jump at, a criminal apprehension vessel. She immediately applied.