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Profile Overview


Arcadian Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Sirti


Engineering Officer - Computer Specialist
USS Redding




Fil-de-Xava, Arcadia Arctis


Sirti-nei-Plex is a small and gracile Arcadian who serves as an Engineering Officer aboard the USS Redding.

The Arcadians are a species of delicate amphibious sentient beings who have been in the Federation for more than 100 years. Like his compatriots, Sirti is a pacifist and a skilled engineer. He can work both in water and air environments, and needs to spend some time in both each day to maintain his metabolic equilibrium.

His species is short-lived (they rarely live to 60 years) but they are very precocious; Sirti is therefore the youngest member of the crew.

He is patient and shy, and speaks with a nasal, high-pitched voice.