Profile Overview

Elizabeth Riley Elaine

Human Female

Character Description

Elizabeth was born on the outskirts of San Francisco, the only child of Richard and Wanda Elaine. Elizabeth did not provide her parents an easy early years of life as she was never really a huge fan of sleep, frequently being caught in the middle of the night doing large scale performances in the middle of her room.

As she got older, the performances continued with just the audience and location changing. most nights you would of been able to find her outside performing to her parents some grand plan that existed in her mind. Normally at the end of these shows her mother would shake her head proceeding inside while her Dad would stay outside with her pointing out various objects in the night sky to her, and encouraging to always dream.

As she entered her teenage years, she started to develop an interest in clothing and fashion from the 20th century, not so much the look, but more the method of creation, as the idea of actually needing to assemble the clothing she wanted to wear intrigued her, and started her down a path she would continue when she was in Starfleet.

Her time at the Academy was mainly uneventful, with a couple short relationships with species and genders from all across the Federation, nothing really lasting. She completed her four years at the Academy and was looking forward to when her Cadet tour was completed so that she could share the moment of the completion of their dream from when she was younger was completed.

She never got that opportunity however as shortly  after embarking on the tour, she received that her Dad had passed away on Earth due to natural causes. She received a temporary leave from the tour to return to Earth to attend the memorial service, where she was greeted with a cold shoulder from her Mother, leading her to believe that if Elizabeth was not in the service her dad might still be alive.

It was only after a conversation with her friend, Gareth that she knew she could not give up on her dream just because her mother was looking for someone to blame. With that reassurance, she returned to the USS Hawkeye with a new sense of determination.

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 - Present Chief Flight Operations Officer USS Ark Royal
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2387 - 2389 Assistant Flight Operations Officer USS Hawkeye
2386 - 2387 Cadet USS Hawkeye
2382 - 2386 Cadet Starfleet Academy

Character Summary

Elizabeth is an only child, and as such developed a very imaginative mind. To go along with her imagination, she also has very strong opinions that she works hard to get acknowledged. She tends to be a bit untrustworthy of unexpected offers of assistance. Due to this when she first meets new people she tends to appear to be a bit stand offish, however if people put in the effort to get to know her, you begin to see her fun and playful side which she only shows to her friends. If you are able to see her fun, playful side you see that it is both a mixture of child like wonder, with a little added sugar and spice thrown in for good measure. Elizabeth focuses hard on her career, not intending anything to stop her from achieving anything she puts her mind towards, in order to make her Mom p

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