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Profile Overview

Venus Malifax

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Malifax




Lt Venus Malifax, orphaned by Klingon Raiders. Once a member of Starfleet Intelligence, she now serves as Chief of Security aboard the USS Endurance, her first official post as a security officer instead of an intelligence officer.


Venus was born to loving parents aboard a starship. From a very early age, she had Starfleet in her blood. Her older brothers took care of her, making sure that she had everything she needed. They protected her from everything. She was educated by her eldest brother, Mars, for most of her early years. When she became old enough, her father took over her schooling.

When Venus reached the age of sixteen, she was sent to Earth for preparatory school and eventually Starfleet Academy. She was ecstatic when she entered the doors. She was young and full of life. Then she received the horrible news. Her family had been killed. A rogue group of Klingon raiders had slain her entire family, except for Draekus. Even his wife had died. They had left him for dead, but his thirst for vengeance and blood had kept him alive.

After that incident, Venus stopped speaking entirely. She passed the Academy and trained as an intelligence officer. Her entire existence changed in a single moment. She became hard, but her steps were soft. She became a shadow, much as her life was a pale imitation of what it used to be. Venus had numerous assignments, but they didn’t last long. Most supervisors couldn’t deal with her for long, calling her difficult and impossible. Venus eventually got assigned to Lt. JG Jason Rotax on the South Carolina. He didn’t send her away, instead letting her do what she needed her to do. He was able to read her movements and understand what she was saying without her ever opening her mouth.

This wasn’t to last long, though, as Jason was called off to another assignment, one that she couldn’t follow. She was bounced from assignment to assignment with numerous reprimands, but she couldn’t find her niche anywhere. Finally, she was placed in an undercover operation as part of a security department. She was forced to speak, to pretend to be an open and inviting person. She spoke at length with several of the other security officers, finding that they many of them wanted to make a difference, to prevent things like what had happened to her family from ever occurring. For some reason, the words resonated with her.

After completing her assignment, she immediately applied for a transfer to security. She found her purpose, her calling, and a way to channel what was stirring inside her. She knew that she would be able to dedicate herself to protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves. And maybe, just maybe, she could save some little girl from losing her entire family at 16 too.