Profile Overview

Scott Harrison Fisher

Human Male

Character Description

In July 2406 after seeing action, USS Tyr was badly damaged with loss of many crew. She limped back to Earth under protection of USS Hlin.

Given R&R, Scott returned to his family but the leave was cut short when he was ordered to join USS Heyerdahl. Less than a year later, Heyerdahl was destroyed at the Battle of Ragnarok and Scott found himself back aboard USS Tyr who took survivors from the battle scene.
This time though Scott was given a field commission of Acting CMO a position he carried out well until pressure of work combined with unresolved issues of being back aboard Tyr caused him to stand down. He remained as a medical officer.
Tyrs crew transfer to Visek Nor , later renamed Heyerdahl Station. Scotts position of Medical Services Lead

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
- Present Medical Services Lead Heyerdahl Station

Character Summary

Scott is the younger of two sons born to Graham and Annabelle Fisher in Appledore England. Adam and Scott had a friendly rivalry as they grew up and both decided on a medical career with Adam electing to join StarFleet. Two years later, Scott would follow his brother but during his training at Copernicus Hospital the tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire began to increase. Many senior rank doctors were transferred to Star Bases and Ships meaning a somewhat early promotion in many cases for those left behind. In March 2403, with the serious threat of war growing stronger by the day following multiple skirmishes, Scott was promoted to Ltjg and posted to USS Tyr, a sister ship to USS Vali on which his brother served.

Current Assignment