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Profile Overview

Declan Reilly

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Reilly




Declan is often described as the biggest flirt a person had ever met. He prefers it that way. Behind his disarming smile and cocky swagger is an analytical mind at work, always assessing the people around him. And in return, he usually responds in an unexpected way. It’s what makes him a skilled investigator. However, his charm is usually what gets him into trouble, as well. A risk worth taking, in Declan’s mind. He still retains a hint of his native Irish accent, adding to his self-confident image.


Declan Reilly was born in 2352 in Cork, Ireland on Earth to two loving parents, Kenneth and Frances Reilly. The youngest of four, Declan spent much of his childhood in the pub that his parents owned, talking and watching. While his older sister destined to be a Starfleet captain, and his twin brothers wanted to take over the bar, Declan had different ambitions. Mainly in that he didn’t have any. While he maintained excellent grades and played a multitude of sports, the most engaging experience for him was to go down to the bar and listen. Each patron had a story, and with a bit of coercing, were usually willing to share it, no counseling techniques needed.

At the age of 18, he joined the Academy, not so much to become an officer, but to meet new people. And to find some new relations, as well. One of his instructors latched onto this instinct, and quickly drew him into the Intelligence training program. Declan thrived there, finding that most of the skills and abilities came naturally to him. However, so did quite a few disciplinary charges, including fraternizing with an Admiral’s daughter…

After the Academy, Declan bounced from assignment to assignment, making a name for himself as a talented, if unorthodox, investigator and operative. Despite quite a few missteps, he rose through the ranks, becoming a trusted asset for Starfleet Intelligence. When the Thurgood Marshall opportunity came around, he saw a chance to explore and investigate in a new way. It helped that his sister was an attache for the Admiral overseeing personnel, as well.