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Profile Overview

Kylie Winstrom

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Winstrom


Science Officer
USS Yreka (Archive)


Kylie Jeannette Winstrom

April 6, 2376

USS Gentle Soul, en route to Earth


Kylie recently finished her doctorate in microbiology and finished OCS at Starfleet Academy. She is currently assigned as a Science Officer aboard the USS Yreka.


Kylie has shoulder length blonde hair and a slender physique.


Kylie is a bit of a conundrum when it comes to how she interacts with people. Professionally, she tends to keep to herself. She can work with people, certainly, but enjoys her solitude. Socially, she’s somewhat of a social butterfly.


Kylie was born to a family engrossed in the sciences. Her rather large family seemed to cover all the disciplines: medicine, biology, physics, and psychology. It was all covered by someone in her extended family. When Kylie was born, her mother was serving as a civilian doctor on Earth. They had just visited her maternal grandparents on the Cestus III colony and were en route back to Earth when Kylie was born. As one would imagine, Kylie had a particular thirst for the unknown, first finding whatever animals she could find as a child. This later developed into an interest in biology, which she would later study in school.

Prior to joining Starfleet’s OCS school, she obtained a dual bachelor’s and master’s in microbology, later finishing her Ph. D. She knew though that she wanted to see what else was out in the galaxy and therefore enlisted in Starfleet and entered OCS. Her marks in school were exceptional, as she put in the hard work and dedication it required, so academically, she was a prime candidate. She kept physically fit, more so out of personal choice than anything else, but it turned into an advantage for her entrance exams for Starfleet. After her time at OCS, she earned commission as a Lieutenant JG, serving on the {insert ship name}

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2400 - 2401 Officer Cadet Starfleet Academy