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Ajla Musovic

Human woman

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Musovic


Chief Operations Officer
USS Liberty


Chief of Operations Commander Ajla Musovic ensures the smooth running of the USS Liberty with what some would describe as an iron fist. There is not a single resource allocation or logistical request that happens aboard without her knowing of and signing off on it. This cool efficiency in her work is paired with a slightly sardonic manner, a sharp tongue, and quick judgement. Beneath all of this, Musovic is above all unwaveringly fair, and this makes her part of the beating heart of the ship. If Musovic is on your side, you have no firmer ally regardless of the odds stacked against you. This applies to not only the mistreated of the galaxy, but crewmembers who have found themselves on the wrong side of a superior’s judgement, and she has no qualms about opposing Captain Daragon or even her husband, ship’s XO Commander Al-Barazi, if she thinks her cause is right.