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Profile Overview

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Hadi Al-Barazi

Human Man

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Al-Barazi


Executive Officer
USS Liberty


Becoming first officer of the USS Liberty is already an impressive milestone in the promising career of Commander Hadi Al-Barazi. Talented and capable, Al-Barazi is more than highly professional in the execution of his duties, but also a stalwart colleague, warm friend, and strong leader. As the right hand of Captain Daragon, he ensures the smooth running of the ship, but is also entrenched in the wellbeing and morale of the crew, and the familial bond between Liberty’s senior staff would not be possible without Al-Barazi acting as the perennial big brother. After four years as Daragon’s XO, however, including moving with him across commands, many wonder how long it will take before Al-Barazi moves on to his own command – especially with Starfleet’s post-Frontier Day personnel crisis.