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Profile Overview

Clara Izayoi

Betazoid Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Izayoi



Marek Izayoi, Male, 8 Years Old
Barrow Izayoi, Male, 16 years Old


Dylan Izayoi

Clara is from a large family on Betazed and has developed into a woman of means. She knows what she wants and how to get it, and classed as ‘posh’ in her circle of friends and colleagues. She’s very well spoken and has a direct direct approach to communication with others. Clara doesn’t make friends quickly or let them into her circle of trust, she believes that it’s a waste of time and something which she struggled with growing up as by her culture many were open and receptive to others.

Wants to become a world leader in counselling and mental wellbeing. Has a passion for mind matters and trauma. Universal counselling is where she excels but would like to expand into trauma counselling further into her career.

Reading and writing is a main interest of Clara’s. She loves to unwind and relax alone with her thoughts and building her resilience.
Even though it may not come across this way she adores her family and her two children whom she cannot spend as much time with as she likes. Often found on comms back to Betazed to interact with her family.


Slender and lean, can come across intimidating in stature. Powerful in movement and physically fit. Muscled but not obviously so.
Her hair is always formed to perfection with light makeup on her face.
Mostly professional in appearance.


Empath which is uses rarely and only if required to do so. Although this is natrual to her species she doesn’t let the feelings take over as some of her counterparts would do.
One of her noticeable features is that she’s very abrupt and often taken the wrong way. She says things with care and concern but often it doesn’t come out the way she’s intended. Her circle of friends is small because of this and often spends time alone.


A normal kid growing up on Betazed with her family as an only child to two parents who she adored and still reside on Betazed, they’ve never left the homeworld.

Schooling was easy for Clara as she picked things up quickly and it became apparent that she was a bit of a book worm when it came to socialising with the few friends she had at the time. She’d often be found in the education centres in the main cities learning as much as she could and enjoyed her own company.

This was something she would have to overcome as she grew up to fulfil her aspiration of joining Starfleet as a counsellor and aide.

She met her husband early on in her career and they spent a lot of time together as they wanted to follow similar career paths with Dylan being a medical student at the time they met. He didn’t move into Starfleet but remained on the homeworld to practice medicine there in his home community.

They’ve been an understanding couple knowing that each have their own journeys and there relationship has worked on this understanding for the time they have been together. They had their children early on in their relationship which had meant a slight pause in their careers whilst they raised their children.

When the opportunity came to enter Starfleet she did so with the full support of her family, the hardest part was leaving her children for long periods of time during the training process.

Clara was lucky enough to remain on Betazed after her training and acceptance into Starfleet as she was given dispensation into the Betazoid Medical Community as fleet envoy, a role in which she maintained for many years.