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Alvin Mitchell

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Mitchell




Alvin Mitchell is the Commanding Officer of the USS Thurgood Marshall, a revolutionary ship designed to pursue and apprehend criminals of Starfleet and the Federation. With a long history in investigation, Alvin was an easy choice for the CO of the ship, and is tasked with keeping his crew at their best so as to fulfill their mandate.


Born in 2344 as the third and youngest of the three sons of Tyler and Gracie Mitchell, Alvin was always compared to both of this brothers. However, he was always fascinated in how various crimes were committed and the science behind figuring it out. Following his family into Starfleet was a no-brainer for Alvin, but he took a slightly different route. He chose security (his family has been in the Sciences for generations) with a focus on investigations.

Following his graduation from the academy, he was assigned to a special investigation assignment aboard a Sovereign-class ship when members of the crew were accused of potentially selling secrets to the enemy. In an effort to clear their officers, Starfleet sent in what they called “security examiners” to find out what was going on. After finding out the plot was raveled deep in the security department of the ship, and that they had fabricated the story to hopefully get the command staff changed, much of the security officers on board the ship were sent back to Earth to answer for what they did.

Alvin went on to head up the team of investigators, and was shuttled across the Federation to various crime scenes. He was responsible for both convictions and acquittals, and thus many people within the Federation and Starfleet owed their current status to him and his team. His personal motto was “facts before justice” which was his philosophy in an investigation, to ensure the facts came out before necessarily getting justice.

When Starfleet was creating what would be the USS Thurgood Marshall, it was almost a unanimous decision to pick long-time investigator Alvin Mitchell to be her CO. And with his appointment as CO came a promotion to Commander.