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Jasper Sadler-Knowles

Human Male

Character Information


An intellectual young man with a brilliant technical mind, Corporal Jasper Sadler-Knowles dropped out of university to enlist in the Starfleet Marine Corps. With specialized training and two years of higher education already completed, he went through basic training with some additional classes taken alongside the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Earning himself an E-3 rank initially, he was attached to the Starfleet Corps of Engineer’s Hazard Team 14 “Valkyries” as Communications Specialist for the team with a temporary field promotion to E-4 Corporal.


Hailing from Port Washington, an affluent hamlet of the north shores of Long Island, this human is anything but your simple Earthling. Though he spent most of his life grounded on land, he has quickly become intimately acquainted with the excitement and dangers of traversing the stars. Space travel was not exactly what his parents, teachers, and peers thought he was destined for, but sometimes, life just has its way of working out for you in ways that nobody could ever anticipate. A track and field star in High School, Jasper was built like a gazelle with his long strong legs and slender body. He was excellent at track and field, a true front-runner.

He was strongest in dashes rather than long distance, but being shot out of a canon like he was on the field often meant it took time for other runners to catch up to him in long distance races. Jasper was also a respectable gymnast who turned towards basketball in his later years in the position of power forward for his team. Aside from sports his extracurricular activities included the mathematics club where he was a mathelete participating in mathematics competitions. He was also briefly part of the drama club, but dropped it to keep his grades up and devote time to basketball.

Though he had a few university basketball scholarships, Jasper had not really seen himself as some sort of professional athlete. He was good, maybe even really good, but he knew that he was not great and realistically there was not much of a chance he would go all the way with basketball. Hardly anyone in the 24rd century even cared that much for the Earth sports. He applied to and was later accepted into the blue and gold; the New York Institute of Technology where he was in their School of Engineering and Computing Sciences.

He was working on a Bachelors of Computer Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Computer Security with a decalred minor in Anthropology. He took a few classes in Cultural Anthropology and strenghtened his Klingon (having studied it for four years in High School). However, After two years of studying, he had some doubts in what he was doing and where he was going. He finished out his fourth semester, the end of his sophomore year, but cleared out of the campus and opted to take a break from his studies and the pursuit of the degree.

Boarder skirmishes and an overall escalation in tensions had awoken something in the young man, something that compelled him to drop everything he had going for himself. It drew him into a Starfleet Marine recruitment office and after a nice consultation he returned home to think things through. His two years of university credit would propel him forward after completing basic training and taking the examinations to determine his Marine MOS. He would find himself with the rank of Lance Corporal Class with a 2649 MOS (Cryptanalyst). Before being assigned anywhere, however, the Starfleet Marine Corps sent him to partake in a few additional classes where he studied alongside Starfleet Corps of Engineers for several weeks. He was then given special orders and attached to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers elite mobile engineering team 14, the Valkyries just after his twenty-first birthday. With the assignment came with a temporary rank bump to (Acting) Corporal due to his education and prowess albeit marred with his greenness of young age. As part of the Valkyries, he assumed the position of Communications Specialist for the team.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 - Present Communications Specialist Hazard Team 14