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Mya Willow

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Mya




Mya Willow



Mya keeps up a stern demeanor. She is however very empathetic. She has a stubborn streak. Mya is has a passion for medicine. She constantly keeps up on new methods and discoveries. Mya is also brave and can work well under stressful conditions. Mya can be prideful. She would rather look like a fool than admit she was wrong. She can also be independent minded. She has shown several times that she is willing to disobey direct orders. Despite her shortcomings with authority, Mya is still dedicated to Star Fleet. She still thinks she has something to prove as a Star Fleet officer.


In 2361 Mya Hagen was born on USS Ticonderoga. Both of her parents were Star Fleet officers serving on the ship. Tragedy stuck her life early. When she was six Mya lost her father at Wolf 359. He was the tactical chief on board the USS Wendigo. The Borg destroyed the Wendigo with all hands. Mya’s mother was heartbroken and never remarried. Mya had several male role models on Star Fleet ships but never one that was constant.

Mya grew up on Star Fleet ships and near Federation installations. She was a bright and curious child. Her curiosity often got her into trouble as she would explore the Jeffries tubes or wander into secure areas. Mya was also very physically active. Before the age of twelve she had broken several bones in her body from her care free behavior.

Mya become an orphan in 2374. Her mother was the commanding officer of the USS Salerno. Despite Mya’s protests, she was physically removed from the ship by security before the Salerno left for the battle. The Salerno was heavily damaged before it finally exploded. Mya’s mother never left her post on the bridge. After losing her mother Mya became withdrawn. She went to live with her grandmother.

Her Grandmother was very caring and eventually Mya was to become close to her old self. She never once during this time set foot on a star ship. She wanted nothing more to do with Star Fleet. She decided to that she wanted to be a doctor instead. Her Grandmother, however convinced Mya that Star Fleet should still be considered a career option. Her grandmother explained that while she had lost both her parents, they were doing important work that few others would do.

Mya was admitted to the Star Fleet Academy. She studied to one day become a doctor and did well in her academics. Mya also earned several demerits for her independent ways. She was a good athlete but didn’t concentrate any efforts there.

After the academy Mya went to medical school. Her internship was at the Star Base installation on the colony world of Vance’s Hope near the Klingon frontier. A renegade house attacked the colony and after some fierce fighting the raid was repelled. There were many casualties and Mya performed well under adverse conditions.

The USS Riga was her next assignment. The Riga was assigned to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone. Mya performed well as a medical officer. She received high marks from her department head. Things became more interesting when Hobus went supernova. The Riga responded to a call from help in Romulan space. The Romulan world of Amigar II was hit by the Hobus explosion and had become destabilized and was breaking apart. The survivors desperately needed to be evacuated.

Mya was assigned to an away team to find and help casualties. Due to the planet’s instability, the Riga needed to keep her shields up. The away teams used shuttles and runabouts. After several sorties Mya was ordered back to her shuttle. She refused as she was still rescuing a Reman child that was pinned under some debris. She eventually pulled the child to safety.

When she returned to the Riga she was put under arrest for disobeying orders. Her commanding officer, Captain Philips, was a stern disciplinarian. He was not going to tolerate any insubordination, no matter what the circumstances were. Philips had Mya brought up on charges and wanted a formal court martial. The court martial fell through although it did have a negative effect on her career.

Mya’s next assignment was to an isolated outpost in Taurus Reach as a medical officer. The outpost was lonely but Mya did her job well.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2379 - 2383 Cadet Star Fleet Academy
2383 - 2386 Student/ Intern Vance's Hope Station
2386 - 2387 Medical Officer USS Riga
2387 - 2389 Medical Officer Taurus Station
2389 - Present Chief Medical Officer USS H.G. Wells