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Profile Overview

Noraba Tan

Trill (Joined) Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Tan




Noraba Carlixa Tan




A Joined Trill and diplomatic officer serving in Starfleet.


Coming from a warmer spot on Trill, where there is more frequent sun helping the areas agriculture Noraba Carlixa Tan is slightly darker in skin tone than most Trills. She is in good physical shape and though not a combat officer ensures that she stays as healthy as possible.


Having just recently joined with a symbiot and not having done the typical mental preparation for such an event prior to that, Noraba Carlixa Tan‘s personality is somewhat in flux at this point. She is very much still learning about who she is now that she’s been joined, and who she will be. Prior to joining she was committed to peace and negotiation avoiding violent confrontation at all costs. Given the diplomatic background of the symbiot’s last host it’s likely that this will continue. She was, and hopes to remain, friendly and out going always trying to build connections between individuals and larger groups.


Birth and Early Years (2307 – 2326)

Noraba Carlixa was born on Trill to a loving couple who were farmers in the Lan’are region of the planet, an area where the main crop is a rice like product. She grew up on the family farm outside of any major population centers, but was sent to the region’s capital city for education traveling there via shuttle on a daily basis. After school she would shuttle back home and return to helping out around the farm.

As neither of Noraba’s parents were joined, she thought nothing of that, and had not interest in the prospect as a youth. A handful of people that she associated with were however including a mathematics teacher.

Noraba had an early aversion to violence upon seeing her father kill some predators who were hunting the family’s small collection of livestock. She has since remained distrustful of guns (phasers and other energy weapons) and growing up protested Trill’s association with Starfleet believing the organization was a mainly military one.

Nearing graduation Noraba applied for the Vulcan Science Academy and Berkeley on Earth. Failing to get into either she worked on the family farm for a year, but wanted to travel beyond Trill and learn something of other cultures and other species in the Federation.

A chance encounter in the region’s capital with a Starfleet officer, who she had a brief relationship with, showed Noraba that there were non-military paths in Starfleet and thus she resolved to attend Starfleet Academy the next year. She applied and was accepted.

Academy Years (2327 – 2332)

Focusing first on Operations and then Diplomacy Noraba Carlixa was an eager student. She was near or at the top of her class in diplomatic endeavors, but did poorly on any courses were violence was mandatory. Teachers often would give her bonus marks to keep her from failing when her roundabout solutions to avoid using violence failed.

Ultimately it was decided that she was an asset even if she would not use violence.

Seeing her potential the diplomatic corp began sending her on assignments shadowing noted diplomats. During this time she served as an assistant during several sensitive peace negations thought this tended to include holding notes, getting coffee, and staying in the background to observe.

She took a year off when her father unexpectedly died and she returned home to Trill to help with his funeral and the farm.

Service Years & Joining (2333 – )

Initially assigned to the USS Ghana Carlixa was typically part of a ship’s small contingent of diplomatic officers. The ship was tasked mainly with bringing civilizations into the Federation and supporting new members.

Her next assignment was Starbase 15 where she was part of a traveling diplomatic detachment.

Carlixa began working with the Joined Trill ambassador Hunda Bravizo Tan. The two formed a good partnership as Carlixa worked to support the Federation Ambassador often at his request.

The pair were doing peace negations on the USS Freeman on Fleet Day. The negotiations were interrupted and in the chaos Tan was killed. Carlixa and other senior officers managed to barricade themselves in the negation room but with Tan dead and no way of knowing if any when the situation would let up Carlixa was the only full Trill on hand to accept the Tan symbiot.

The USS Freeman’s Chief Medical Officer performed the surgery and in the aftermath Carlixa (now Tan under Trill custom) was rushed to the Trill home world for additional surgery. She spent the next few months recuperating on her family farm.

She is now returning to duty as Noraba Carlixa Tan.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2327 - 2332 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2332 - 2334 USS Ghana Diplomatic Liason
2334 - 2336 USS Geneva Diplomatic Officer
2336 - 2340 Starbase 15 Diplomatic Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade