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Profile Overview

Victoria Hume

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Hume


Staff Officer, Brahms Station Strategic Operations Department
Avalon Fleet Yards


Victoria Elizabeth Hume


Vancouver, Earth


A human whose family has a long involvement with both Starfleet and pre-dating organizations who currently serves as a Strategic Operations Officer.


Victoria Hume is a slender, athletic Caucasian woman in her thirties. She clearly stays active as she is well toned and in good shape, and prefers to train on the Holodeck. She is also active via duty assignments and during her leasuire time when she is often on the aforementioned Holodeck simulating hikes out doors, climbing mountains or playing ice hockey.

She has shoulder length brown hair, often pulled back in a pony tail while on duty. Hume has brown eyes.


Hume has always been curious. Growing up in part on a starship she was always eager to see more, and always excited to hear tales of her parents adventures in amongst the stars. For a few years during her high school life she grew first depressed then angry and even wrathful when her father died fighting in the Dominion War. However this thirst for vengeance had mostly dissipated by the time she entered Starfleet Academy thanks to the end of the war and the fact that the Dominion did not seem to be directly threatening Earth any longer.

At the Academy she struggled slightly with motivation, mostly in her third year of studies. No longer sure who she was or what she was doing without wanting revenge she needed to remind herself of the joy of exploration, discovery, and curiosity. Finally she found it and realized her path was not to avenge anyone, but rather to honor her family through her own service to their shared ideals.

These days she tends to be ambitious with her career but light hearted and easy going about most else. Her next career goal is eventually a Second or even First Officer role aboar a starship.


Birth and A Legacy of Service (2364 – 2387)

Throughout history the Humes had been in one or another branch of the armed services for their nation or crown. From a crew member on Francis Drake’s ship (as a privateer) to a pilot in the Battle of Britain shot down and lost over the Atlantic the family was closely aligned with the political and military culture of the times. As rights expanded so did their involvement and Elizabeth Hume was a member of one of the early NX Class ships’ crews and her son served aboard the USS Miranda.

It was into this legacy that Victoria Elizabeth Hume was born as the eldest child to two Starfleet Officers. A difficult birth medical complications would mean that her mother could have no further naturally born offspring, but after a period of two month in infant intensive care in the Earth city of Vancouver (where her family called home when not aboard a starship) she was released.

Hume was a tad on the smaller side thanks to her complicated birth but grew out of it during childhood. She divided her time living with her father who was assigned to a  Galaxy Class ship and Vancouver where she lived with her aunt while her parents were on more intensive assignment. Her father died during the Dominion War in 2373 killed on the USS Tian A Men.

This tragedy set Victoria’s pathway in a manner of speaking. Angry at the Dominion and not believing that the war would be over soon she resolved to join Star Fleet when she could and avenge her father by continuing on her family’s long legacy of service.

Academy Years (2383 – 2387)

Though nepotism and legacy play far less of a role in 2300 than they do these days having been a child of past Star Fleet officers and one current one helped Victoria when she applied. Even just knowing how to do the application and what recruiters looked for in a potential candidate was a leg up on most other candidates. Hume was accepted into the Academy on her first application with strong recommendations from high school teachers and good marks.

Relocating to San Francisco Hume joined the academy’s ice hockey team, as well as the judo team. She was studious but as the war ended her attention somewhat wavered as she became more away of the opposite gender and social than she had been in high school when the Dominion War and avenging her father had been at the forefront of her mind.

Briefly she contemplated dropping out of school and marrying a fellow cadet but they broke off their relationship and she refocused on her education. This middle period of aimlessness came during her third year at the Academy but by her fourth she had recommitted herself to the goal of graduating and honoring her father through her own service.

She graduated in the top 10% of her class with high marks particularly in Command subjects.

Starfleet Assignments (2387 – )

Victoria was assigned as an Operations ensign aboard the USS Carlsbad. There she saw little in the way of noteworthy assignments as the ship was mostly carrying supplies back and forth. A glorified ferry service was not particularly interesting for her but she liked the routine and settled into her first posting well.

Her next assignment was the the USS Pioneer where she eventually rose to a Lieutenant Junior Grade and was transferred to Command from Operations where she had initially been assigned. Finding a mentor in a Lieutenant Commander Jackson she began to seriously focus on her as opposed to just seeing where fate took her.

Promoted to Lieutenant Hume followed along with Lt. Cmdr Jackson to an assignment at the Academy on Mellstoxx III as a Strategic Instructor. Though not a professor she helped the Commander with his classes and was a trainer at the Academy in physical aspects for female or female identifying students. She enjoyed the assignment though being an authority figure was not as fun as being a student.

Hume next was assigned to the USS Hamilton as the Chief Strategic Officer. The ships saw limited battle until Fleet Day when the resurgence of the Borg threatened it. Borg seized most of the ship and Lieutenant Hume lead a desperate rearguard action to try to resize the ship after the death of the first officer and the incapacitating of the Captain.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2383 - 2387 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2387 - 2389 Operations USS Carlsbad
2389 - 2391 Command USS Pioneer
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2391 - 2395 Assistant Instructor - Strategic Operations Starfleet Academy
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2396 - 2341 Chief Strategic Operations Officer USS Hamilton
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2341 - Present Staff Officer, Strategic Operations Department, Brahms Station Avalon Fleet Yards
Lieutenant Junior Grade