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Profile Overview


Vulcan Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade T’Nira


Chief Science Officer
USS Thyanis



18th September 2305



T’Nira is the Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Thyanis. She was recruited for her expertise in sensor technology and astrophysics but is well-educated and possesses a more than adequate understanding of most scientific fields. T’Nira joined the Thyanis crew shortly after their return to port following the Deneb crisis and her appointment represents a change in the standard operations of the Thyanis where previously several crew members were required to dual-role their senior positions.


T’Nira is a fairly typical Vulcan female, approximately 5ft 11 in height, slim build with a slight green hue to her light skin. She has dark brown hair which is kept in a contemporary short Vulcan hair style.


As with the majority of her species, T’Nira is a deeply logical individual who has suppressed her emotions through years of meditation and training. She lives her life in the pursuit of knowledge and logical understanding of the universe but also has a fondness for human culture as well as cuisine.