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Franklin Newall

Human Male

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Civilian Newall


Franklin Newell is a former member of Starfleet who now serves as a member of the Federation Diplomatic Corps.  In the years following his court martial, he would use both his psychological training and the reputation he built during his time in Starfleet to promote peace throughout the galaxy.  He is now serving a shipboard assignment after three years as a roving ambassador.


Franklin is a human of average height with a slightly obese build gained from years as a civilian.  His slightly chubby face usually bears an infectious smile beneath his warm and friendly hazel eyes.  He possesses the same close cropped haircut that he possessed during his days in Starfleet with a trimmed beard that he grew following his court martial.


His status as a civilian means he is not required to wear a uniform, instead wearing sensible slacks and short sleeve shirts in light colors.  His simple attire would be accented by a centuries old pocket watch that has been in his family since the 1800’s.


General Overview: Franklin is a consummate man of peace, being slow to anger and quick with a calming word.  This does not mean he is unwilling to fight for what is important.  It’s just that he has learned that a business deal with a Frenergi or a complement of a Klingon’s honor can achieve things that mere fists could never.  When words don’t work, he is more than willing to take action if it means the end of suffering.  


Strengths & Weaknesses: Franklin is an excellent negotiator, having an unnatural knack for finding the right word at the right time.  Years of education and experience in psychology would allow him to read people almost as if he was an empath.


Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding his dismissal from Starfleet and his habit of working around Starfleet as opposed to with Starfleet has led to a mutual distrust to form between him and most officers.  His track record of successfully negotiating where others have failed seems to be the other reason Captains allow him on their vessels.


Ambitions: As a young Starfleet officer, Franklin dreamed of one day taking the center chair.  A more weathered Franklin now feels that he has an obligation to ensure every being lives in peace.

Hobbies & Interests: Franklin is a lifelong fan of the choreographed competition of Earth’s history known as pro wrestling, having holodeck programs where both participated in and watched the sport.  He also possesses a deep love of baseball that he would inherit from his grandfather.   He also had intellectual interests as well, being an avid reader of literature from across the galaxy,



Parents: Edward Newell (father, planetary Governor), Jean Newell (Mother, deceased)

Siblings: n/a

Spouse: n/a

Children: Kirz (son)

Personal History

Franklin was born on the former Federation colony world of Almains, a world discovered by his family in the 23rd century.  His father was a geologist responsible for overseeing the mining of the world’s mineral deposit while his mother had risen to be planetary governor.  Unfortunately, a plague would ravage the world and kill 85% of the one million residents.  Franklin’s mother would be one of the many victims and his father would take her place as governor.  Edward would guide his planet back to prosperity and into rejoining the Federation.  His father’s drive would inspire Franklin and he would enlist in Starfleet in order to make a difference himself.

Franklin would choose to study psychology and interstellar politics as he felt it allowed him to further help people by understanding them more.  He threw himself at his studies, forgoing social interaction with his fellow cadets.  This would change in his junior year when he met freshman cadet Kin Lana.  The Bajoran Lana pursued him until he could no longer fight their mutual attraction.  The two became inseparable during the year as they engaged in a passionate romance.  Although they would separate after only a year when Lana decided she was not meant to be in Starfleet, she would have a positive effect on his life.  Franklin would come out of his shell in order to try out for and captain the Academy’s wrestling team during his senior year.  

Franklin’s intellectual and athletic achievements would result in him graduating with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and being posted as Chief Councilor onboard the U.S.S. Grand River.  He served in this position for two years before he would make first contact with the Dotan people.  This would be a life changing event as he then became the vessel’s First Contact Officer.  Three years later, the Dotans would request Franklin to serve as Consul on their world as they worked to become members of the Federation.  They succeeded in joining the galactic community after only a year and Newall would return to active duty in Starfleet.

His achievement would receive him the prestigious position as Starfleet’s liaison to foreign dignitaries on Nexus Starbase on the mutual border of the Federation, Romulans, and Klingons.  This posting would allow him to interact with powerful figures of the Empires and give him glimpses of their cultures that few would ever receive.  Four years into his posting, he would be shortlisted to become the station’s new commander when he brought his career to an ungloried end. 

A plague broke out on a planet only a few lightyears from the station, causing the Commander to order a quarantine of the world.  Franklin would be compelled by the nightmares of Almains’s plague to help in any way he could.  Appeal after appeal to the commander would be ignored, forcing him to take direct action.  Franklin would steal a runabout in order to bring food and medical supplies to the suffering people.  The moment he returned, Franklin was taken into custody by security and confined to the brig until his court martial could take place.  A court martial that had been brought on him for the charges of insubordination and theft.  The hearing would result in him being ejected from Starfleet

Two months later, Franklin would find himself negotiating a trade agreement as a member of the Federation Diplomatic Corp.  His life would change again when he met his ten year old for the first time seven months later.  Lana had apparently become pregnant  during their relationship and had kept the child a secret to preserve Franklin’s career.  Franklin immediately began building a relationship with his son and would make time to visit him between negotiations.  That would be the routine for the next three years until Franklin was requested to represent the Federation alongside Task Force 47.