Captain Vannon Dacour

Commander Vannon Dacour is the commanding officer of the USS Galahad NCC-78021, an Akira-class starship commissioned in 2374 during the Dominion War. He took command of the Galahad following the promotion and transfer of Captain Manon Kidjo to the USS Zheng He. Dacour majored in Flight Control while at Starfleet Academy and attended the Starfleet Command School following his graduation. Prior to the Galahad, he served on the USS Constantinople as Chief Flight Control Officer, and at the Federation Embassy on Bajor as Starfleet Liaison Officer.


Vannon Dacour was born in 2371 on the Federation member world of Betazed to Ervan Tayuun and Anra Dacour. Both Starfleet officers, they took a leave of absence to begin a family together, however they were recalled to duty in 2372 as tensions with the Klingon Empire and the Dominion began to escalate. Vannon stayed with his mother’s family while his parents were deployed; his mother to the USS Heyerdahl and his father to the Starfleet base in Medara. In 2374, the Dominion invaded Betazed and Vannon’s father was killed by Jem’Hadar forces while assisting in the evacuation of civilians to the Loneel Mountains.


Though too young to remember the war itself, its legacy greatly influenced Vannon and his decision to apply to Starfleet Academy and follow in his parents’ footsteps. By the time he graduated from Starfleet Academy, his mother had risen to the rank of captain and was in command of the USS Heyerdahl. Inspired by her achievement and spurred on by his own ambition to one day command a starship, he enrolled in the Starfleet Command School straight out of the Academy.


His first assignment was as Flight Control officer to the USS Constantinople NCC-47404 in 2394, an Ambassador-class starship assigned to relief efforts along the Romulan-Federation border. The following year he was promoted to Chief Flight Control Officer and served three more years onboard the Constantinople before accepting an assignment as Starfleet Liaison Officer at the Federation Embassy in Ashalla on Bajor.


While serving at the Federation Embassy, he met Lieutenant JG Arjin Pren, who was assigned as the Medical Officer for the facility. The two officers quickly became close and developed a romantic relationship. In 2400 they were married in a ceremony on Bajor, and the following year when Vannon was reassigned to the USS Galahad NCC-78021 as Chief Flight Control Officer and Second Officer, Arjin joined him in the position of Chief Medical Officer onboard.
Vannon served the next seven years under Commander Manon Kidjo, the commanding officer of the Galahad, until her promotion to captain in 2407 and transfer to the USS Zheng He, after which he was promoted to Commanding Officer of the USS Galahad.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Flight Control OfficerUSS Constantinople NCC-47404
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Flight Control OfficerUSS Constantinople NCC-47404
Starfleet Liaison OfficerFederation Embassy; Ashalla, Bajor
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Flight Control Officer / 2XOUSS Galahad NCC-78021
First OfficerUSS Galahad NCC-78021
Commanding OfficerUSS Galahad NCC-78021